Treat time!

treat02Linlee has been grooving on our homemade ice creams all summer long, but her most recent request was dedicated to fall; pumpkin!

treat03Miss Holly checks out cookbooks from the school library which are usually focused on making something sweet (no surprise).  Today we made a chocolate mousse pie from the Hershey’s Kisses cookbook and it was delish.treat01(Not sure when the “peace sign” poses started, but it kind of cracks me up.)


So far, so good!

School is going great for both girls.  Linlee has a new teacher, but remains in the same fantastic life skills program at her middle school.  So far I’ve gotten all positive feedback from both Linlee and her teacher.  Holly received a happy surprise when she learned that her first grade teacher is now teaching second grade and she gets to remain with her for another year.  I am pleased for both girls.

This year Holly’s neighborhood friend, Sybella, is in her class and is also spending time with us after school several days a week.  Little Miss Social Butterfly could not be more thrilled with having a regular playmate.  I am thrilled at how these little girls go out in the backyard for hours at a time and let their imaginations run wild.  It’s so healthy!  (The picture below was taken at Sybella’s house.)21761736_10209970909815347_277240453443221619_n

HollyboxLastly, it wouldn’t be a real childhood without playing in a box!

Shout Out to My High School Bestie!

highschool2Kathleen and I met at age sixteen and our friendship has endured.  We were in drama club together.  Sometimes after school we’d go get a milkshake and discuss how eager we were for college where there might be some “mature” boys to date.  What a hoot!  Then we became roommates in college while we figured out career paths and dating and being grown up.  There is probably no one in this world who I have laughed harder with than Kathleen.  After college our lives took us to different cities and states, but our connection remained.  We both married, we both adopted two children (that was an unexpected coincidence), and we both left our careers to raise our families.  Through the wonders of email, we keep up with each other regularly.  The last time we were able to visit in person was eight years ago.  Today we got to sit over coffee (much more adult than milkshakes) and make the most of our two-hour window to talk face-to-face.  The time went by in a blink.  It’s pretty awesome to have a friend you’ve known forever.  FullSizeRender-11I think what I love most about this picture is that we didn’t know where to look.  Kathleen said that some nearby youth were probably laughing at the old ladies trying to take a selfie.  That gave us the giggles while we tried to get the shot.  Old ladies?  Aren’t we still sixteen???

First Day of School 2017!

FirstDay02My seventh grader.

FirstDay04My second grader.

FirstDay01The girls chose to wear the same outfit on their first day.  How cute is that?!

Holly’s friend, Sybella, from our neighborhood is in Holly’s class this year.  The girls are thrilled!FirstDay0521317602_10209910250378899_4144009885126890133_nNow it’s time for me to pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace & quiet.  Yes!

End of Summer Misc.

I feel good about the girls’ summer vacation.  It included a trip to Disneyland, two summer camps, numerous play dates, two camping trips with daddy, a day at the state fair, several trips to the nearby lake for swimming and five different kinds of homemade ice cream (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, vanilla & chocolate).  We did well.

Some miscellaneous photos…IMG_1168Regan and Holly

Holly&Libby01Libby and Holly

FullSizeRender-3Holly and Zoey

IMG_1887Dinner out!

Tomorrow, school finally starts up for us again.  HOORAY!!!

Evergreen State Fair

Much like Disney, once again we headed into the sweltering heat to wait in lines for rides on Sunday at a nearby fair.  The fair is a big one, so it’s worth the trip – if it’s not too hot.  Which it was.  Let’s just say I’ve paid my dues this summer.  Very much looking forward to school next week!FullSizeRender-5The girls had a really good time.  The lines weren’t nearly as long as Disney, so that part was nice.  We covered way more ground in a shorter amount of time.  Unfortunately, the heat did us in before we even got to the petting zoo.  We did get to peek into the horse arena when looking for one of Holly’s friends who participates in 4-H.  There was also a speedway to watch car racing, which didn’t interest any of us.FullSizeRender-6This is as fast as we go!  (Is Holly too cute, or what?!)FullSizeRender-7

FullSizeRender-8I think I’m too old to understand this whole “dab” craze (arm gesture thing) which the kids do these days.  Holly does it a lot.  Even on roller coasters.FullSizeRender-9

FullSizeRender-10The girls enjoyed going on the smaller rides together.  Holly went on two intermediate rides with Rob and loved it.  (Didn’t get pictures.)  She is more of a thrill-seeker than big sister, but again, they both had a great time at the fair.  Hopefully next year will be cooler.

Eclipse 2017

eclipse04Holly helping Rob set up.  We didn’t snag any eclipse glasses, so Rob projected the image for us with a telescope.eclipse05eclipse06eclipse01eclipse10eclipse02eclipse09eclipse11eclipse07eclipse08eclipse13eclipsWe were a little disappointed that we didn’t get that dark moment (we thought with 92% coverage it would get somewhat dark), but it was a pretty fascinating event even so!

Hanging in there…

IMG_1868This was the girls’ last day of camp last week.  I took them to frozen yogurt afterward.  Libby’s older sister, Ella, joined us.  The car ride was hilarious.  Ella sat in the front seat giving me extensive details about her horse’s medical conditions.  Linlee sat in the back chattering to herself along with Holly and Libby who were both being wild and very loud.  I couldn’t hear myself think and found it hard to concentrate on driving.  Good thing I normally only have two!

One Year

One year ago, my kitchen looked like this…14034694_1072253966144592_3106435665710566403_nIt was our first day in this house!  Can’t believe an entire year has already zipped by.  We have absolutely no regrets about our move.  I loved our old house, but I love this house even more.  Our old neighborhood was fine, but this one is way better!  I love that we are surrounded by trees and that the houses are not scrunched tightly together and that our streets are not cluttered with extra cars.  I feel so much more at peace here.  I’m particularly thrilled that we are no longer on a hill and our driveway is flat.  Most importantly, while our old school district was barely adequate, this one rocks.  The girls are both very happy here.  We definitely made the right decision in moving.kitchennowMy kitchen today.  🙂

Visit to the ER

IMG_1860So yesterday did not go as planned.  Linlee’s neck began hurting her so badly in the morning that we could not get her into the car to go see the doctor.  She wanted to remain lying down and when we tried to move her, she would scream in pain and sob hysterically.  We ended up having to have an ambulance take her to the ER.  After a few hours at the hospital, it was decided that she was simply dealing with a muscle strain.  Perhaps she slept on her neck wrong, or maybe she pulled a muscle when struggling to get her two-piece swim suit over her head that morning for camp.  In any event, it was a relief that it was nothing more serious.  Linlee has a pretty high tolerance for pain, so it was extremely concerning when she was suddenly in so much distress.  There was also the communication issue; she can’t really tell us what the problem is.  She said her head hurt and she pointed to her neck, but other than that, we could get no information, like when the pain started, was it a dull ache or sharp pain, did the pain move around, etc.  When the EMTs asked her if she’d fallen, she said “yes.”  When they asked her if she hit her head on the something, she said, “yes.”  I was 99% certain that neither of those things had happened, but there Linlee was saying “yes” to whatever they asked.  Autism, gotta love it.  Now our biggest challenge is getting the pain relief medicine into her as the muscle recovers.  Linlee is notoriously awful at taking medicine; oy.  Luckily, she is already feeling much, much, better this morning, so I predict that she will be feeling 100% again within a few days.Linlee_well