FullSizeRender-17This morning we went to the library for a free movie.  Doesn’t the popcorn look scrumptious?


The Dalles – part 3

Dalles40Holly and Nate in the play area.Dalles32Dalles33Linlee and more sand castles.  Holly opted to go on a hike with the aunts and uncles.IMG_8668IMG_8662Above, Nate and a giant tumble weed (on a stick).IMG_8649

Dalles38Mom and brother Michael relaxing.

Dalles39Puzzles and games.

Dalles43Aunt Trish prepping the fish tacos.

Dalles45Dinner time for eighteen people.  Wow!Dalles46Seven-month Declan gets to eat (gum) real food.  (He is NOT drinking that Coke.)

Dalles48Dalles50Kaela & Trevor had many heart to heart chats with Holly on this porch swing.

Dalles35Cousins!  Megan, Kaela, myself, and Michael.  (We’re missing Mallory.)Dalles36I don’t remember what Megan and Kaela were laughing at, but I liked this picture.

Dalles34Little second cousins, Holly, Linlee, Nate and Declan.

And happy 4th of July!

The Dalles – part 2

Dalles20Dalles21Dalles22Dalles24Dalles25Dalles23Picture by Holly.

Dalles26Aunt Mary and Holly make lemon scones!  (Nate supervises.)Dalles28Dalles27Holly, Nate and baby Declan.Dalles29Dalles30Happiest baby ever!

The Dalles – part 1

Dalles05Time for a family reunion in The Dalles, Oregon!  This is our view of the cherry orchards from the house.

Dalles02Holly and second cousin, Nate.  These two have become best buddies.Dalles03Dalles04Dalles06Color break.Dalles09Aunt Cynthia and Nate.Dalles10Aunt Mary and Holly play tic-tac-toe.Dalles11Dalles08Paella.  This family eats well.

Birthday Festivities

Holly8bday17Family celebration Friday night.Holly8bday05Holly8bday06Holly8bday07Holly8bday09Holly8bday10Holly8bday13Holly8bday14Holly8bday16Wearing Pusheen cat ears.

Today we had the unicorn party at The Little Gym…Holly8bday26Holly8bday25Holly8bday22The picture above was supposed to be of the table with all the unicorn horns in the center, but in the background is an upside down birthday girl.Holly8bday23She casually crossed her legs for the picture.

FullSizeRender-13This is the unicorn cake.  The “happy” is facing one direction while the “birthday Holly” is facing the opposite direction.  I just don’t know what to say, other than it still tasted good.Holly8bday24Holly8bday27The kids sitting on the air track as it fills with air.Holly8bday28And jump!Holly8bday29They had a blast playing organized games and playing on the equipment.

Holly8bday30Time for cake!Holly8bday31Holly8bday33Holly8bday34Holly8bday35

Presents…Holly8bday36Holly8bday37The unicorn horns crack me up.Holly8bday38Holly8bday39Yep, dabbing.

Holly8bday40Turning eight is so much fun!

The Birthday Girl

Holly8bday01This little cutie is now eight.  What to say about eight-year old Holly?  High energy, pure sunshine and quite the talker.  Holly could probably win a world’s record for talking.  At least I never have to wonder what she is thinking; she tells me every single thought in her head.  Holly loves gymnastics and ice skating.  In school she favors math.  She enjoys playing on her computer, helping in the kitchen, and taking bubble baths.  She adores stuffed animals.  This spring she has spent a lot of time playing at the little park across the street with other neighbor kids.  She is in her element playing with other children.  If you look up “social butterfly” in the dictionary, the definition will most likely be Holly Young.  This year Holly won the classroom award for “always smiling.”Holly8bday02Holly8bday03Holly8bday04We’ll have a little family celebration this evening and then tomorrow, we are hosting a birthday party at The Little Gym.  More pictures to come.

Not a white couch.

I’ve had several people comment on my new white couch.  It looked very light in the previous photos, but it’s not white, it’s hemp.  Here it is with a white pillow.  (The trim above on the wall is not a true white either, it’s cream.)couch-notwhite

Caricature and Couch

Linlee did not want her portrait drawn by the caricature artist who visited her class yesterday (this totally makes me laugh):b1e2211413c0

FullSizeRender-20This is our new couch at five minutes old.

FullSizeRender-21And this is the new couch about three hours later.  Maybe one day I’ll get to sit on it too.

Memorial Day at the Farm

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Peter have returned from six months in England.  Even though they are still jet lagged, one of the first things they did was invite everybody to the farm for afternoon tea!farmMay2018_01farmMay2018_02farmMay2018_03Goat love.farmMay2018_05farmMay2018_06Mary, Kaela, Trevor, Mom, Michael.

farmMay2018_07Uncle Peter listening intently.

farmMay2018_08My cousin Kaela turned 28.  Aunt Mary made her a Victoria sponge cake with jam and whipped cream.

farmMay2018_09Sarah and Joel.

farmMay2018_15My mom and her sister Mary.

farmMay2018_10Pretty girls back on the swing.farmMay2018_11farmMay2018_13farmMay2018_14What a lovely afternoon!

It’s like riding a bike…

FullSizeRender-15This little one is almost eight and we’ve been remiss in teaching her to ride a bike.  In our defense, we lived on a steep hill the first six years of her life.  We’ve always had a bike for her, yet the practice rarely happened.  So I’m determined that by the end of this summer, Holly will be training-wheels free.  She’s already off to a good start.  Wish us luck!