Hairdos and Japanese treats!

Linleehaircut10We’ve had to go even shorter with Linlee’s hair while she gets the hang of washing it herself.  Luckily she likes it.  She is pleased to look like Dora.crazyhair01And it was “crazy hair day” at school for this little pumpkin.crazyhair02

Uncle Joe and Aunt Connie sent us another box of surprises from Japan.  It was like Christmas after school today!Japanesetreats01Japanesetreats02Japanesetreats03Japanesetreats04Cute erasers!  I think Holly is more likely to play with them than use them.Japanesetreats05Play money.  Holly immediately wanted to play “Japanese store.”  Ha.Japanesetreats07Japanesetreats08I have no idea what these “donuts” and “pizzas” really are.  Are they pretend?  Are they edible?  Thankfully Connie sent me instructions in English, but I haven’t opened up the box yet to see what sort of “ingredients” we’ll be working with.Japanesetreats06Pretty nightlight.  I love it!Japanesetreats09And a game I don’t really recognize.  Hopefully Rob will know what it is.  (We sort of couldn’t wait to open his present without him.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

StPatricksDay2017Holly was under the impression that a leprechaun would leave her a pile of chocolate coins – like an Irish Easter Bunny or something.  Ha!  Wearing green is about as festive as we get on this day.

yarnThis picture cracks me up.  Rob brought home yarn to “darn” a sweater.  What on earth?!  He and the girls also made pompoms.  Holly was totally into it.  Linlee, not so much.

Happy Birthday, Rob!

robsbirthday54Rob’s birthday was Wednesday, but we didn’t get around to celebrating until this weekend.  Happy birthday, my love!robsbirthday54_2 Goofballs!

Our February 27th

febsnow03Kind of crazy – more snow!  Unfortunately for the girls, school was not canceled.  Ha.febsnow02

And this is how Miss Linlee sits on a stool – yikes!photo-13

Snuggle bunnies…snugglebunnies

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Another snow day – woot woot!

febsnowday07febsnowday01febsnowday02febsnowday03febsnowday04febsnowday05febsnowday06That’s our pretty house across the street.

A little snow and bubble art!

hollysnow01My girls love snow (like their mama!).  Linlee was already off at school when I took these shots of Holly before her bus arrived.hollysnow02By midmorning the snow had turned to rain, but it was pretty while it lasted.

20170203_120147And here is some more art by Miss Linlee.  Looks like they were working with oil pastels.  What I like best about this picture is Linlee’s genuine smile.

Linlee’s School Program


20170126_100151-271an1p This is Linlee on a ferry for a classroom field trip.  I actually get a little emotional when I think about how awesome Linlee’s special education program is.  Her class has a field trip once a month to practice “life skills.”  In our area, being able to ride the ferry is one of those skills.  The class had to figure out the ferry schedule for their destination, plan to get to the ferry on time, pay for their tickets, board/deboard appropriately, etc.  I couldn’t be more pleased!  To top it off, the school must have a great budget for this program because we were not asked to pay for the ferry tickets (although I happily would have!) and I saw from pictures that the students were given hot cocoa to drink on their chilly ferry ride.  So awesome!linleecardsschoolLinlee’s teacher keeps a classroom blog for parents and students.  She also emails me every once in while just to check in.  I mean seriously, jackpot!linleeschoolartMelting crayons for an art project.  They have art every week – yes!photo-16

Me trying to watch TV.

The girls did not have school yesterday (teacher curriculum day).  After feeding them breakfast, cleaning up the kitchen and getting a load of laundry into the washer, I wanted to sit down with a cup of coffee for a break.  No dice.  One wouldn’t quit talking and the other needed me to watch her dance.  No break for the mommy.

One Spicy Ethnicity

holly_january17After a discussion with the girls about their heritage, Holly said to me: “Mommy, I’m half Irish, half jalapeño, right?”  Oh my goodness!  I’m afraid I laughed until tears were streaming down my face and poor little Holly became irked at my mirth.  She is definitely my little jalapeño.  However, she meant Filipino.