Flower Child & Ice Cream

flowerwreath01While shopping today we popped into Claire’s (which is a young girl’s dream shop).  Holly wanted either this flower wreath or a light-up, unicorn headband.  We came home with the wreath.flowerwreath02

IMG_2428And last week, a little ice cream on a hot summer’s day.


Summer Days

Aug02_2018We have over a month before school starts and only one more week of day camp this summer.  We might make it.  We might not.  I love my girls to the moon and back, but good golly.  The amount of constant talking and demands of “Look, Mom!  Look, Mom!  Look, Mom!” never stop.  I mean, never stop.  I believe the girls are at an age when they should be more independent in their play and not need me to observe and comment on every single move they make throughout the entire day.  This will be a good skill for them to work on over the next 34 days (but who’s counting).

Yesterday Zoey’s mother took the little girls to the lake for the afternoon.  Holly had a blast and my frazzled brain had a nice break.  38277337_10214412204836811_8631472195677192192_n38208405_10214412203916788_2061416467642974208_n38264118_10214412202756759_1985254924979535872_n38442531_10214412207716883_527250726422839296_n38273567_10214412206036841_5803914655705333760_n

Squire Creek

Last weekend Rob joined this century by acquiring his first-ever smart phone.  Yay, Rob!  Because of this monumental event, we actually have pictures from his campout last night with the girls at Squire Creek…55452140947__141C35E2-68AC-48B4-9CF9-FB398B9712FFLinleetent55452087112__C56CB935-EF8F-4890-B120-0C11128FF958IMG_0001IMG_000255452770551__54107EDA-0D5D-4820-A037-C3EE157C10DERob reported that they had a good time, which I thought was kind of amazing after he described arriving only to find that their reserved campsite had already been taken (they had to find a new spot to set up) and as they were getting the fire started to cook dinner, they were told by the ranger that there was a burn ban in effect (as of that afternoon).  They had to drive to town and buy their dinner from the take-out section of a foodmart.  Camping, indeed!  Even so, they all enjoyed themselves.  What troopers!IMG_2412IMG_2415

GWL – wrap up

Oh boy, what a busy two days.  Aside from swimming their little fins off, the girls also got to color their own tee-shirts, play in the arcade, watch an animatronic show, play putt putt golf, and get GWL stuffies (like Build-A-Bear) which were programmed to take us all over the hotel on a scavenger hunt.  Unfortunately, Rob and Holly did not get to do the ropes course because I didn’t pack shoes for the girls.  (As we were going to a water park, I figured they would live in flip flops.  Whoops!  Something to remember for next time.)IMG_2395Coloring tee-shirts.

IMG_2385Pizza break!FullSizeRenderIMG_2398Face painting!

FullSizeRender-2Linlee waiting for her sister.  She looks like a dreamy model as she sports wolf ears, a pup pass around her neck and “bee” nails (yellow, black, yellow, black).  I love this picture to pieces.

IMG_2400A unicorn?

The following pictures were taken from kiosks around the hotel when we were on our scavenger hunt.Image-2ImageImage-1Tomorrow we plan to have breakfast, let the girls go for one last swim and then head back home.  It’s been a fun little vacation.  (One that I imagine we will repeat in the future.)

Great Wolf Lodge


This summer’s adventure is on a much smaller scale than last summer’s Disneyland.  We made the two-hour drive to Great Wolf Lodge, which is an indoor water park/hotel.  (Our two hour drive actually took three hours because of two potty stops and a lunch break.  Our crew travels very, very slowly.)  Our room is cute.  There is a queen bed for the grownups and a bunk bed in the “tent” area for the kids.


GWL02GWL01GWL05GWL07GWL06GWL08GWL10You can’t tell, but in the picture above, the girls are in a wave pool.  So much fun!  Linlee really liked it.  Holly liked it too, but also loved going down the slides with Rob.



FullSizeRender-17This morning we went to the library for a free movie.  Doesn’t the popcorn look scrumptious?

The Dalles – part 3

Dalles40Holly and Nate in the play area.Dalles32Dalles33Linlee and more sand castles.  Holly opted to go on a hike with the aunts and uncles.IMG_8668IMG_8662Above, Nate and a giant tumble weed (on a stick).IMG_8649image1

Dalles38Mom and brother Michael relaxing.

Dalles39Puzzles and games.

Dalles43Aunt Trish prepping the fish tacos.

Dalles45Dinner time for eighteen people.  Wow!Dalles46Seven-month Declan gets to eat (gum) real food.  (He is NOT drinking that Coke.)

Dalles48Dalles50Kaela & Trevor had many heart to heart chats with Holly on this porch swing.

Dalles35Cousins!  Megan, Kaela, myself, and Michael.  (We’re missing Mallory.)Dalles36I don’t remember what Megan and Kaela were laughing at, but I liked this picture.

Dalles34Little second cousins, Holly, Linlee, Nate and Declan.

And happy 4th of July!

The Dalles – part 2

Dalles20Dalles21Dalles22Dalles24Dalles25Dalles23Picture by Holly.

Dalles26Aunt Mary and Holly make lemon scones!  (Nate supervises.)Dalles28Dalles27Holly, Nate and baby Declan.Dalles29Dalles30Happiest baby ever!

The Dalles – part 1

Dalles05Time for a family reunion in The Dalles, Oregon!  This is our view of the cherry orchards from the house.

Dalles02Holly and second cousin, Nate.  These two have become best buddies.Dalles03Dalles04Dalles06Color break.Dalles09Aunt Cynthia and Nate.Dalles10Aunt Mary and Holly play tic-tac-toe.Dalles11Dalles08Paella.  This family eats well.

Birthday Festivities

Holly8bday17Family celebration Friday night.Holly8bday05Holly8bday06Holly8bday07Holly8bday09Holly8bday10Holly8bday13Holly8bday14Holly8bday16Wearing Pusheen cat ears.

Today we had the unicorn party at The Little Gym…Holly8bday26Holly8bday25Holly8bday22The picture above was supposed to be of the table with all the unicorn horns in the center, but in the background is an upside down birthday girl.Holly8bday23She casually crossed her legs for the picture.

FullSizeRender-13This is the unicorn cake.  The “happy” is facing one direction while the “birthday Holly” is facing the opposite direction.  I just don’t know what to say, other than it still tasted good.Holly8bday24Holly8bday27The kids sitting on the air track as it fills with air.Holly8bday28And jump!Holly8bday29They had a blast playing organized games and playing on the equipment.

Holly8bday30Time for cake!Holly8bday31Holly8bday33Holly8bday34Holly8bday35

Presents…Holly8bday36Holly8bday37The unicorn horns crack me up.Holly8bday38Holly8bday39Yep, dabbing.

Holly8bday40Turning eight is so much fun!