Ho ho ho!

santaphoto-03Santa 2016

Holly pitched a fit over not being allowed to bring a computer device in the car on the way to see Santa.  She nearly didn’t get to be in the picture.  Then she was scared to sit on his lap because she knew that she’s been rather naughty the last few weeks.  I would have been nervous if I were her too.  As luck would have it, Santa never mentioned how naughty she’s been lately, but rumor has it our elf is going to leave her a note reminding her of behavioral expectations.

Linlee asked Santa for a 2017 Washington State calendar and some new markers.  Holly asked for more Shopkins.

Snow Day!

snowdayOh, we had some happy girls this morning.  It’s not much, but it was enough snow to cancel school in the Seattle area.  At 6:00 AM, Linlee put on all her snow gear to go outside and play in the pitch dark.  Good grief, she was excited!  Later, about eight AM, the girls got Rob to pull them around the neighborhood in the sled.  They spent most of the morning and early afternoon out there.  I didn’t think there was enough snow to build a snowman, but I was wrong!snowday03snowday02snowman01snowman03

Frosty Morning

We were promised snow on Monday and while we did see some flakes, nothing stuck.  The girls and I were pretty disappointed.  We are now being told that tomorrow could be snowy, but I’m not falling for that trick again.  We are making do with our frosty mornings, which are quite lovely…frost03frost04frost06I was fascinated at how long the little spikes of frost were on the branches.frost01frost02

Holiday Ice Skating Program

holidayprogram01I don’t actually have pictures or video of the girls’ ice skating routine to Jingle Bell Rock – but it was really cute.  We’re not allowed to take flash photography while they skate and without it, the pictures are just a blur.  Also, we’ve discovered that buying the professional video is the way to go over our own amateur attempts.  It’s a thousand times better, closer,  clearer, well lit, etc.  Anyhow, both girls did great.  They skated well together and remembered their routine.  Linlee fell once, which she never does.  I totally froze wondering what would happen next, since it was a scenario we are unfamiliar with.  Thankfully, she got right up and kept going.  I was so proud of her!  Well done, girls!holidayprogram03holidayprogram02holidayprogram04Almost time to skate!holidayprogram05Ready to (jingle bell) rock !

Thanksgiving 2016 (updated)

photo-5I wish I had grabbed my good camera.  Dinner was hot on the table and I was in a rush.photo-2Notice little Miss Linlee is absent.  She was in bed with a fever.  She didn’t even want a bite of turkey or pumpkin pie (which she’d been talking about for a month straight).  Poor lamb.

We’ve been in our new house for three months now.  I am so thankful for our lovely home and our beautiful neighborhood, but what I am most thankful for this year is our school district.  We’ve hit the jackpot.  Linlee’s special ed program is fabulous.  Her teacher is wonderful and her class is terrific.  Her program includes academics as well as life skills (which is awesome).  The staff seems to really “get” Linlee.  Her schoolwork and homework seem more appropriate this year.  The communication between school/teacher and family is excellent and very positive.  I’d had such anxiety about sending our peanut off to middle school and now I have no worries at all.  She is happy and I am happy.  Holly also has a wonderful teacher and a nice group of classmates.  We are thankful to have found such a great community to raise our family in.


Found these on my phone from that afternoon when the turkey was still roasting and the house smelled like heaven.thanksgiving01thanksgiving02Nap time!

My Birthday

mybirthday01There are four candles because I’m in my forties and that’s all you need to know.  mybirthday02It’s been a lovely birthday with my family; dinner out, wonderful gifts and cake!  (It might have been a little nicer if it wasn’t also a very tense election day, but otherwise, I’m a happy birthday girl.)  In addition, today was unusually warm for November 8th in Seattle; 72º and sunny!  We broke records.  I don’t think I have any other pictures of me in short sleeves on my birthday.

Halloween 2016

halloween02halloween03We’ve got a panda bear and a Shopkin cupcake queen (just go with it).halloween05halloween06halloween08Holly thinks it’s going to be spooky tonight!halloween10halloween11halloween12halloween01

School Pictures 2016

Sorry about the quality of these; I took a picture of the pictures.  Our 6th grader:linleeschoolpic2016

Our 1st grader:hollyschoolpic2016

And Holly waiting for her late bus last week…latebus


Field Trips to the Pumpkin Patch

Both girls had class field trips to a pumpkin patch which we’ve never visited before.  Both girls had a blast!

pumpkin-lsms_11Linlee’s teacher took this fantastic photo.  Love the eye contact and genuine smile.  There is my girl!  (Parents were asked not to attend the field trip because the class works on social skills during their outings.  Apparently parents are distracting.  Ha!)20161018-170702-20cqjri-1o60ilc

I was able to attend Holly’s field trip.  I spy some pretty cute first graders!photo-22photo-23photo-24

The evening wait…

Holly and Penny camped out by the front door waiting for Daddy to get home.hollypenny01hollypenny02