Santa 2018

IMG_2613The Santa pictures are not crystal clear because they are a picture of a photo.  I’m glad Holly was able to smile.  She was in an absolutely foul mood on the way to see Santa.  She always gets very concerned that he is going to bring up behavior choices which she’d rather not talk about.  Funny thing is, Santa has never once mentioned her naughty moments.  Santa is pretty nice.  Linlee was giggly and excited as usual.IMG_2614

After visiting Santa, the girls decorated a gingerbread house.  It’s been a nice, Christmassy day.IMG_2606


Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

IMG_2575We have always chopped down our trees in the past, except for the two years in which the farms were out.  Today we knew that the farm we were headed to is regrowing all of their trees and we would need to settle for a precut tree.  The girls didn’t seem to mind and it was nice for Rob not to have to get down on the wet ground and saw away.  Perhaps we’ll gear up for tree chopping again next year.IMG_2570Perfect!  (And horrors, Wendy, would you believe that we completely forgot the “timber!” picture even though you reminded me not to.  Oops!)

Lastly, Linlee was tickled when our elf, Alisha, hid in my little troupe of carolers and requested that a picture go on the blog.IMG_2567

Thanksgiving 2018

IMG_2560I went with decorative place mats this year.

DSC_0202The girls playing Mermaid Island with Grandma Young.

DSC_0208Holly did a repeat performance (from last year) of her cheeseball turkey.

I didn’t get any shots at dinner, but it was very nice.  Good food, good company, good conversation.  We are thankful.DSC_0210My mom and brother with the girls.

DSC_0212The whole gang.  (Well, minus Rob and me.)


Halloween 2018!

DSC_0180 (1)DSC_0198Linlee Bee and Holly UnicornDSC_0187DSC_0189Photo bomb from Daddy Monkey in the background.

DSC_0193With our cute pumpkins.

School Pictures

Linlee, age thirteen, eighth gradeIMG_2546

Holly, age eight, third gradeIMG_2547

Cookies and Sewing

IMG_2515We had Sybella over for the day.  After dinner, I let the girls frost a few Halloween cookies for dessert.IMG_2519

And yesterday, Rob gave the girls a little lesson on mending a rip in a comforter.  I thought this picture was too cute!IMG_2513

Pumpkin Patch 2018

It wasn’t the sunniest day, but it was nice and crisp; perfect for pumpkin picking.DSC_0165DSC_0171DSC_0133DSC_0135DSC_0136DSC_0137DSC_0138DSC_0146DSC_0141DSC_0150DSC_0148(It is an optical illusion that Holly is jumping above that child lying down.  That child was actually much further back than she looks.)

DSC_0155DSC_0152DSC_0162DSC_0173DSC_0175IMG_2497Forgot to take a picture of us actually picking the pumpkins.  Whoops!

Let’s Go Vikings!

DSC_0096Holly and Zoey signed up for cheer camp again this fall and got to cheer at the high school football game tonight.  They absolutely loved it.DSC_0105DSC_010820181005_194650Holly with friends Bailey on left, Sybella on right, and Delaney in front.DSC_0122All the little girls ready to strut their stuff.DSC_0117DSC_0124DSC_0127Awe, these two!DSC_0131

We’re still here!

My beloved computer died on me last week (sob!), but today I am attempting a forge a relationship with my new computer by updating the blog.  Wish me luck.

School has gotten off to a great start.  Both girls like their teachers.  Can’t remember if I mentioned that Linlee’s new teacher goes by Mrs. B, which thrills Linlee to no end (as she remains very into bees and has always referred to each of her teachers a the Queen Bee).  By the way, that is why you’ll see her in more yellow & black this year; she’s actually trying to dress like a bee. 🐝 🤣  Holly likes her teacher and her class as well.  Last year she favored math, so far this year she tells me that it’s writing.  Already there is a bit more girl drama in third grade than we’ve experienced in the past.  This year should be interesting.

One change we’ve made is exchanging ice skating lessons for swim lessons.  Both girls love swimming, but it’s been rather hard to fit in lessons to improve their skills.  We are taking a break from ice skating to do this.  They go twice a week and they are really enjoying themselves.  Holly also continues to take gymnastics once a week.IMG_2480

First Day 8th and 3rd!

It’s been a really nice summer, but we are ready for fall!8thgrade_033rdgrade_023rdgrade_03We have Sybella with us a few days a week again which Holly is really happy about – especially since they did not get in the same class this year!