Snowpocalypse Aftermath

IMG_2841Here are the girls enjoying a balmy 45º outside.  We barely need coats!  Linlee and Holly finally went back to school yesterday; two hour late start, busses on snow routes (I’ll get to that in a minute).  For anyone keeping track, their last full day of school was January 31st – no joke. As they are now enjoying a four day weekend (which is laughable), their next full day of school should be on February 19th.  That would make close to three weeks of hardly any school.  I adore snow, but that was a long, hard stretch.


The next time all four of us are trapped at home for more than a day or two, I will immediately switch over to paper plates & cups and plastic utensils (the environment is going to have to take a hit on this one).  I feel like I spent way too much of that snow event doing dishes.  Every single time I opened the dishwasher, it was full and needed to be run.  My entire family was home – in the house, not going anywhere – and apparently eating every ten minutes for survival.  I think each time the girls wanted a sip of water, they got a new cup.  In addition I was cooking real breakfasts every day and baking more than usual and continued to provide tasty dinners, etc.  If there is ever another snowmageddon, we’re going disposable for my sanity.

Next, do not rush order anything online and expect to receive it when it snows in Seattle.  Lesson learned.  Holly needed new snow pants and naturally every store within 50 miles of us was sold out the moment the flakes started falling.  I brilliantly overnighted a pair from Amazon in between snow storms.  They have yet to make an appearance.  It also became apparent that Linlee’s arms had outgrown her winter coat.  I ordered her a new one (excellent sale) and also sprung for a rush delivery.  It too, has not yet arrived.  “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds.”  This is apparently boloney.

Lastly, I have learned that a “snow day” is preferable to a “two-hour late start with busses on snow routes.”  It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for me to drop off or pick up each daughter when her bus does not come into the neighborhood.  The girls’ schools start and release an hour apart from each other.  That means I have to make a bus run four separate times during the day (you do the math).  When the day is shortened because of a late start or an early release (we endured both), I pretty much feel like all I’m doing with my time is driving to drop someone off or pick someone up.  It’s super annoying.  I’d much rather just have the girls home than spend my day as a shuttle driver.  I can’t even imagine how working parents managed this situation.

Please wish us luck for a regular school day on Tuesday.  If for some reason my children don’t go, you will know it.  You will hear my wail of despair across the globe.


Snow Day #987

That groundhog is dead meat.

Send chocolate.IMG_2838

Snow Day #563

We are still stuck at home.  No school, no lessons, no anything.  Last night dumped another foot of snow onto our neighborhood.  For an area that gets super worked up over a light dusting of snow, this snowmageddon is quite something to behold.  I’m posting a few more images of our yard so that I can remember in case this never happens again.IMG_2835IMG_2834

(Uh, yes, the obnoxious dog you hear barking would be Penny.)

IMG_2837This is a view of the trees from my upstairs bedroom.  Normally they are standing straight and proud, but this morning they were bent and droopy under the weight of so much snow.IMG_2831

Snow Day #214

IMG_2817Okay two-hundred fourteen might be an exaggeration, but sheesh, will they ever go back to school?  (Tomorrow is not looking good, but my fingers are crossed for Wednesday.)


What to do with all that snow?  Make snow cream!  (It’s like a vanilla ice cream flavored snow cone.)IMG_2821IMG_2823IMG_2826In the picture above, the snow cream looks really yellow.  It’s the lighting, I promise!IMG_2829

Weekend Wrap-Up

IMG_2814We dashed out to a nearby pizzeria for dinner before the current snow storm picked up too much steam.  I’m not expecting the girls to go to school tomorrow (sigh).IMG_2811

Being snowed in isn’t all fun and games…IMG_2798Linlee putting away dishes and Holly doing homework.IMG_2795

Holly stays warm in her sherpa blanket-sweatshirt called The Comfy!IMG_2778Which Rob borrowed…IMG_2789

More Sledding

DSC_0104Four inches last night.  New snow to sled on.  Once again, Linlee was uninterested.  (She has been waiting for snow all winter and now I can barely get her to go outside.) DSC_0107DSC_0113 (1)DSC_0096That face cracks me up.DSC_0098 (1)DSC_0087Luckily Holly’s friend Delaney was at the park, so she had a buddy to sled with.DSC_0117DSC_0114DSC_0120


DSC_0089Well, the girls were home on snow days Monday through Wednesday. Thursday they had a two hour late start.  Friday (today) they were released two and a half hours early because of a new snow storm approaching.  Not much school happened this week.  The new snow hit in the afternoon and will continue through the night.  Excited to see what tomorrow morning will look like.  We are prepared to be snowed in for the weekend.  Lots of sledding and hot cocoa for us!DSC_0091DSC_0090DSC_0088DSC_0103IMG_2804IMG_2808DSC_0106

Snow Day #2

We are still snowed in.  Another day with everyone home.  Holly and I baked some banana chocolate chip muffins in the morning.DSC_0087In the afternoon, Holly went sledding again but Linlee was already over it.  She stayed inside and took a nap.DSC_0088DSC_0092DSC_0093DSC_0094DSC_0095DSC_0096Everything remains frozen.  The school district already announced no school tomorrow.  I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll get to leave the neighborhood this week.


DSC_0098We received about eight inches, which is very exciting for our little corner of the world.DSC_0116DSC_0117DSC_0095 (1)DSC_0104DSC_0106DSC_0103DSC_0125DSC_0126DSC_0119DSC_0120DSC_0122 (1)

Did I post this picture of my pretty autumn tree in the fall?IMG_2524Now it’s a winter tree!DSC_0092No school for the girls today.  Rob is working from home.  We are all cozy and safe.  Our temps are not expected to rise much, so there is a good chance that all this snow will still be here in the morning.  Not sure what this will mean for school tomorrow…

Another Cheer Night!

dsc_0285Zoey and Holly ready to go!dsc_0288dsc_0292There were half as many little cheerleaders for the basketball game this year.  Honestly, it was a relief.  Much easier crowd control and it wasn’t nearly as hot in the gym.  Also, half as many parents in the bleachers meant more seating options.  The high school band was still so loud that it felt like it was disrupting my regular heart beat, though.  Ack!

dsc_0293Into the gym they go!

dsc_0296She is back row, pink shoes.

dsc_0300Sybella cheered too!

dsc_0302Well done, girls!

Above, the little girls in front are a bit off.  Holly’s movements are spot on with the high school cheerleader in purple to her left.

There was a third cheer which I didn’t get on video.