Happiness is waking up to some snow!



Junior Cheerleader

She’s back!bbcheeer09bbcheer10bbcheer11This time Miss Holly and Miss Zoey cheered at the high school basketball game.bbcheer03bbcheer02bbcheer04You can’t exactly tell from the picture above, but about 100 little girls were standing in this hallway getting ready to cheer at halftime.  It felt about 100 degrees inside the building.  The noise decibel level was also probably about 100.  Oy.bbcheer05bbcheer06I wasn’t able to get a picture or video of Holly doing the cheer.  She was on the other side of the gym which was already swarming with teens for senior night and I’m guessing 200 extra parents (or 300 if each family brought along a grandparent or friend) to watch the junior cheerleaders.  My point is, it was WAY CROWDED.  I could see Holly, but my camera could not.  She was fabulous.bbcheer07Look at that happy smile!bbcheer08Well done, girls!

Learning to hoola hoop

This video is for Grandma Carolyn who is interested in seeing Holly hoola hooping.

And Grandma, Linlee wanted to show you her twirl:

Penny turns 3

Pennybirthday02Well, what to say.  Penny remains the most high strung dog we’ve ever owned.  She has settled down some.  She doesn’t play-bite as often as she used to.  She still gets overly excited when guests arrive and often pees on the floor as well as invading their space with over-the-top dog energy.  She still snuggles up to us with a toy or bone and then growls if we pet her.  She still counter-surfs for food daily.  After pulling a tupperware container off the counter and eating the entire batch of cookies inside, we began keeping her in the garage when we are out.  She’s got a cozy bed in there and it’s nice to come home to a kitchen which has not been ransacked by the dog.  Despite how much trouble she is, we still love her.  She’s got a sweet spirit which is overjoyed to be part of our family.  Happy birthday, Penny!Pennybirthday01dsc_0041Little Penny as a puppy.  (Doesn’t even look like the same dog!)

Ice Dancer

FullSizeRender-17Sorry for the blurry picture.  Holly was waiting for her coach yesterday and she began doing a pretend routine on the ice.  Sometimes her moves were graceful, sometimes dramatic.  She glided and twirled and skated on one leg.  Her arms and hands were like that of a ballerina.  She sparkled with happiness.  Clearly Holly felt beautiful and confident on the ice.  I so wish I had caught it on video.  (And how I wish I could freeze that moment in time to have ready for future days when her self esteem needs a little boost.)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Linlee



13thbirthday_13And now we have a teenager.  Just not sure what to say about that.13thbirthday_1213thbirthday_01Linlee requested strawberry cupcakes.13thbirthday_0513thbirthday_07She asked for a Panda plush, but you can see below that her eyes are glued to the Cat in the Hat calendar set which Mémé gave her.  The Cat in the Hat and calendars are two of her major obsessions.13thbirthday_0613thbirthday_08Interestingly enough, Linlee also asked for a pink shirt.  Pink?  Not blue?  Holy cow!13thbirthday_0913thbirthday_10Happy birthday, sweet girl.  We love you!

FullSizeRender-14Oh goodness, she has been organizing her calendar corner all afternoon.  One happy girl!

Happy New Year!!!

NewYearEve2017_2NYE2017_02NYE2017_03NYE2017_04The girls wanted to welcome in 2018 with chocolate fondue!NYE2017_01NYE2017_05NYE2017_6HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Linlee, Holly and Rachel

L&H&R_02Anne and Rachel came over for a visit today.  We girls all enjoyed ourselves very much!L&H&R_03Linlee is starting to catch up height-wise with Rachel.  Remember this picture from just two years ago?  (The girls are only four months apart in age.)L&R2015

Christmas 2017


Christmas Eve was pretty dreamy.  We went out with all the grandparents for a lovely Olive Garden meal and it began to snow.  The girls were beyond excited; Santa was coming AND it was snowing!  When we got home from dinner, we went for a family walk to see the neighborhood lights.  Perfect!ChristmasEve2017Christmas2017_04Santa was generous!Christmas2017_08Penny got something in her stocking too; a burlap bag with coal and a stern note from Santa:Christmas2017_8Christmas2017_02Christmas morning!Christmas2017_01Christmas morning didn’t go exactly as planned.  The snow on the roads kept the grandparents from joining us for opening gifts (and then there was an unexpected trip to the ER with my mother – everything turned out fine!), but we all still managed to have a good day.Christmas2017_05Christmas2017_06Linlee has never had an interest in dancing or tutus, but asked for one this year.Christmas2017_13Holly coloring her new Pusheen coloring book with her new coloring set in her new nightgown and new kitty ears headband.  It doesn’t get better than that!Christmas2017_07Even the naughty dog received a toy.  Lucky girl!Christmas2017_10Learning about money with a high-tech cash register.

Christmas2017_9The roads were clear by the afternoon and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with all the grandparents and my brother.  Merry Christmas!