Quick Visit from Family

We missed the vacation with my mom’s family this summer because of our move.  However, they all graciously stopped by the new house on their way home from a week on Orcas Island.  It was fabulous to see everybody.family01The group saying hello to cousin Megan and little Nate in Canada (on the computer).family02family03family04family05Penny was embarrassingly obnoxious, particularly to our two dog visitors.  Sorry Tess and Billy Goat!

Shady Trees and Shaved Ice

shadytree3Holly and best friend, Zoey, picking plums from our plum tree.shadytreeAnd sitting in the shade.shadytree2I love our front yard!

We’ve had a brief reprieve from the heat, but more is on the way.  During one of the super hot days, the girls were keen to visit a local Hawaiian shaved ice shop.shavedice3Refreshing!shavedice1shavedice2Linlee chose strawberry ice cream instead (her standard treat).  I realize that she also looks like she is in pain, but that is her smile, I promise.

Fire pit!

firepitWe have one now.  Aren’t those chairs too cute for words?  I’m actually looking forward to using it as we head into fall.  I like the idea of sitting around a crackling fire in the dusky evening when there is a nip in the air.

In the nick of time!

The Seattle area is having a heat wave – bleh!  But we are sitting pretty in an air conditioned house for the first time ever.  Yahoo!  Or rather, I’m in the house while the girls are outside in the pool.  Now that we have a big, flat yard, we can even get a bigger pool for them next summer.pool01pool02PennygrassPenny’s transition to the new house is going “okay.”  She’s pretty freaked out.  The first night she slept by front door, poor thing.  She wanted to go home!  The next day she would not let Rob out of her sight.  She’d get really frantic if he went into the garage or out front without her.  She is doing better today and starting to settle in.  Unfortunately she has also discovered the joy of digging in dirt & mulch in her new yard.  This is going to be a problem we’ll have to solve.  She’s already dragging the muck inside the house.  Oy.  (Our other yard had only grass and gravel paths, so she never dug.)PennylandingI thought this was kind of sweet.  We did not have a landing on our other staircase; it was a straight shot upwards.  Penny found this to be a nice little spot for a nap.

We are home.

newhouse01Girls on their new front porch.newhouse02So the move happened.  We were not completely ready, but mostly ready.  It was a long, hot day.  The movers were a nice bunch of goofy guys.  We were physically and emotionally exhausted by the end of the day.  Everything seems to fit in the new house, which is a relief.  This house is similar in size to our old one, but the arrangement is different, making most rooms just a bit more compact than what we are used to.  The girls have slightly bigger bedrooms, which is nice.  They love their new bedrooms; Linlee’s is blue and Holly’s is purple.  Our new neighborhood is gorgeous and full of trees; something definitely missing from our last neighborhood.  There is more space in between houses.  We have room to breath.  It’s wonderful.  I think we are going to be very happy here.newhouse03The girls on the deck of our lovely backyard.

Almost there…

furniture02Here are the girls in the new family room (Linlee is holding a stuffed mouse in front of her face).  Rob and I have one more weekend to pack; the movers arrive Monday morning.  Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to make it.  I am beyond stressed out.  Thankfully the only consequence will be that we will have to move what’s left on our own.  Hopefully we’ll have almost everything ready for the movers.  I’m also very emotional.  I know this is a great move for our family.  I know we are going to be super happy in the new home.  I’m just having a really hard time letting go of the one we’re in.dogbed01The girls are breaking in Penny’s new bed.

The Great Purge

Or, purge-a-tory, as I consider it.  Letting go can be really difficult.  We are working hard to get rid of anything we don’t use or love, rather than just moving it to the new house.  As non-purgers, both Rob and I have collected a lot over the years.  I haven’t taught elementary school in ten years, but letting go of my teaching materials still felt like I was giving a part of myself away.  I didn’t want to do it.  And then I found a bag of these:pahsApparently I did not toss them when Holly outgrew them.  What was I thinking?  It’s silly to be emotionally attached to a bunch of pacifiers, yet I felt sad throwing them away.  (Still, I made myself do it this time.)  So, it’s definitely a process, this letting go…HollydumpsterHolly looks a little nervous that daddy might actually throw her in the dumpster!Hollyboots_1Trying on some winter boots of mine from high school.  (Yes, unfortunately I’m unearthing things from as far back as high school.  Egad.)Hollyboots_2


The things you do for your kids…

967491_0Like move to a better school district!  In three weeks this will be our house.  Eek!  It’s less than 15 minutes from our current house, but in a much better school district.  It’s also in a lovely neighborhood and I hope it will be the ideal setting to raise the girls into adulthood.  The move is overwhelming on all sorts of levels, but I keep telling myself that it is the right choice.  At the moment, Rob and I are deep into the “purge and pack” mode.  We are terrible purgers, so we have our work cut out for us.  The girls were not keen on the idea of moving to start with, but they are warming up to it.  Frankly, I’m experiencing a lot of grief at the thought of leaving this house.  It’s where I brought my two babies home and it has suited us so nicely over the last decade.  There are going to be a lot of things I miss about this house.  Yet I know there will also be a lot of things to love about the new house.  So forward we go!

Lake Cabin Getaway

This year we decided to skip our regular Cannon Beach trip and try something new.  We headed north of Seattle and boarded a ferry to San Juan Island for a little lake vacation.ferry07They are just too cute for words!ferry05ferry04My attempt at a selfie with Holly in the wind.ferry03Um…  Attitude?ferry01Holly snaps a shot of the family.lake30We arrive!lake32The back porch, where I could sit and read if I didn’t have children.lake09View of the lake from the back porch.  It’s hard to make out the lake because it was so still at that moment that it reflected the trees like a mirror.lake33Path down to our private picnic area.lake35lake37The girls get the loft room upstairs.lake36lake01We unloaded the car and headed straight for a swim.lake03Practicing hand stands.lake04lake05lake02The Internet connection was terrible (and no cell phone service!), but Rob kept trying.lake06Our first evening we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.  Except for Holly who preferred Raman noodles.lake07She put on her nightgown before dinner for some reason and yes, she looks like a character from Little House on the Prairie.lake08lake26S’mores!  My favorite Holly quote from the vacation was “Mommy, when I was sneaking in the fridge to drink Daddy’s pop, I noticed that daddy had eaten a chocolate bar for the s’mores.”  LOL!lake11Here are two happy girls ready to go on a canoe ride with their daddy.  I thought I might have a little time to myself while they were away, but they’d only been gone a short while when both girls came up the back path soaking wet, head to toe.  Sure enough, all three went over in the canoe!  Rob forgot to warn the girls about not leaning too far to one side.  They were all in life jackets and they all can swim, so it was fine; just an unexpected surprise.  Rob had them change and get right back in.lake12lake13lake14They did not fall in on their second go.lake16More swimming, more sand castles.lake17lake15lake19lake18lake25Rob’s beautiful teepee fire.lake21Campfire popcorn!lake20lake22lake23lake24lake27lake28The girls got to tie dye souvenir shirts.lake29It was a wonderful little vacation.  The girls are now big fans of swimming in a lake and can’t wait to go back.

July 4th

We’re still here!  I’m completely absorbed with a very large project at the moment; more on that soon.  So I’m behind with the blog and probably will continue to be until mid August or so.  Here are two pictures I missed posting from the evening of July 4th.July4th_1Rob set off some small fireworks in the front yard for the first time.  The girls loved it!July4th_2.jpg


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