Finding Dory Birthday

moviebirthday09Holly invited a few of her closest friends to see Finding Dory with her for her birthday celebration.  The girls were very good and had a great time.  The movie was cute!  Afterward we went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and presents.  Pretty good birthday, if you ask me.moviebirthday02moviebirthday03moviebirthday04moviebirthday06moviebirthday07The kids were engrossed with the Shopkins.  I don’t get the attraction, but they all got quiet for a bit as they examined each piece.  Holly collects them.  For those who don’t know, here is an example of some of the small, plastic thingamabobs:2016-Hot-Sell-Shopkins-Toy-Latest-Shopkins-Season-1-2-3-4-Ultra-Rare-Special-100packs



  1. Carolyn young

    What wonderful photos!
    I don’t get the Shopkins either!?

  2. willgoh2

    Happy Birthday! Growing up fast!
    Did Linlee join in on the fun, or was she feeling too old for Dory?

    • Colleen

      Linlee was there, although she’s not crazy about movies. She was having a hard time that afternoon and did not end up in any of the pictures.

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