Lake Cabin Getaway

This year we decided to skip our regular Cannon Beach trip and try something new.  We headed north of Seattle and boarded a ferry to San Juan Island for a little lake vacation.ferry07They are just too cute for words!ferry05ferry04My attempt at a selfie with Holly in the wind.ferry03Um…  Attitude?ferry01Holly snaps a shot of the family.lake30We arrive!lake32The back porch, where I could sit and read if I didn’t have children.lake09View of the lake from the back porch.  It’s hard to make out the lake because it was so still at that moment that it reflected the trees like a mirror.lake33Path down to our private picnic area.lake35lake37The girls get the loft room upstairs.lake36lake01We unloaded the car and headed straight for a swim.lake03Practicing hand stands.lake04lake05lake02The Internet connection was terrible (and no cell phone service!), but Rob kept trying.lake06Our first evening we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.  Except for Holly who preferred Raman noodles.lake07She put on her nightgown before dinner for some reason and yes, she looks like a character from Little House on the Prairie.lake08lake26S’mores!  My favorite Holly quote from the vacation was “Mommy, when I was sneaking in the fridge to drink Daddy’s pop, I noticed that daddy had eaten a chocolate bar for the s’mores.”  LOL!lake11Here are two happy girls ready to go on a canoe ride with their daddy.  I thought I might have a little time to myself while they were away, but they’d only been gone a short while when both girls came up the back path soaking wet, head to toe.  Sure enough, all three went over in the canoe!  Rob forgot to warn the girls about not leaning too far to one side.  They were all in life jackets and they all can swim, so it was fine; just an unexpected surprise.  Rob had them change and get right back in.lake12lake13lake14They did not fall in on their second go.lake16More swimming, more sand castles.lake17lake15lake19lake18lake25Rob’s beautiful teepee fire.lake21Campfire popcorn!lake20lake22lake23lake24lake27lake28The girls got to tie dye souvenir shirts.lake29It was a wonderful little vacation.  The girls are now big fans of swimming in a lake and can’t wait to go back.



  1. Sarah

    Oh wow, looks like a perfect family vacation and all the pics are beautiful, I love the cabin and the lake but most of all I love the girls 🙂 Big hugs

  2. Carolyn young

    Looks like the perfect place!
    Thanks for lots of photos!

  3. Wendy

    So many wonderful pictures!! What a neat place to go. Is there RV spots there too?

    • Colleen

      Yes! There are spots for RVs, tent camping, glamping, log cabins and a little, ten room lodge.

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