The Great Purge

Or, purge-a-tory, as I consider it.  Letting go can be really difficult.  We are working hard to get rid of anything we don’t use or love, rather than just moving it to the new house.  As non-purgers, both Rob and I have collected a lot over the years.  I haven’t taught elementary school in ten years, but letting go of my teaching materials still felt like I was giving a part of myself away.  I didn’t want to do it.  And then I found a bag of these:pahsApparently I did not toss them when Holly outgrew them.  What was I thinking?  It’s silly to be emotionally attached to a bunch of pacifiers, yet I felt sad throwing them away.  (Still, I made myself do it this time.)  So, it’s definitely a process, this letting go…HollydumpsterHolly looks a little nervous that daddy might actually throw her in the dumpster!Hollyboots_1Trying on some winter boots of mine from high school.  (Yes, unfortunately I’m unearthing things from as far back as high school.  Egad.)Hollyboots_2



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  1. I feel your pain! As we are packing to move back, I keep reminding the boys we don’t have to take it all. We play a game called “Love It or List It?” (yes, named after the TV show!) that helps. They are actually willing to list way more than I had anticipated. Me too. Now I just need to do that at my house!!

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