In the nick of time!

The Seattle area is having a heat wave – bleh!  But we are sitting pretty in an air conditioned house for the first time ever.  Yahoo!  Or rather, I’m in the house while the girls are outside in the pool.  Now that we have a big, flat yard, we can even get a bigger pool for them next summer.pool01pool02PennygrassPenny’s transition to the new house is going “okay.”  She’s pretty freaked out.  The first night she slept by front door, poor thing.  She wanted to go home!  The next day she would not let Rob out of her sight.  She’d get really frantic if he went into the garage or out front without her.  She is doing better today and starting to settle in.  Unfortunately she has also discovered the joy of digging in dirt & mulch in her new yard.  This is going to be a problem we’ll have to solve.  She’s already dragging the muck inside the house.  Oy.  (Our other yard had only grass and gravel paths, so she never dug.)PennylandingI thought this was kind of sweet.  We did not have a landing on our other staircase; it was a straight shot upwards.  Penny found this to be a nice little spot for a nap.



  1. Carolyn young

    So far so good!
    Hope penny gets more comfortable!

  2. Kathleen

    Obviously, I can’t see the rest of the room, but why does that staircase look way more neat and tidy than I think mine would be if I had just moved into a new house? Neat bench, BTW.

    Love the yard. Jealous.

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