Shady Trees and Shaved Ice

shadytree3Holly and best friend, Zoey, picking plums from our plum tree.shadytreeAnd sitting in the shade.shadytree2I love our front yard!

We’ve had a brief reprieve from the heat, but more is on the way.  During one of the super hot days, the girls were keen to visit a local Hawaiian shaved ice shop.shavedice3Refreshing!shavedice1shavedice2Linlee chose strawberry ice cream instead (her standard treat).  I realize that she also looks like she is in pain, but that is her smile, I promise.



  1. Anne

    Oh I need to go to that shaved ice place – looks wonderful!!

  2. Sarah

    I also would love to go to the shaved ice place, the girls are all so beautiful. I am so happy that you are loving your new home it sounds perfect . How far are you from your Mama now?
    Big hugs to all of you.

    • Colleen

      Now we are twelve minutes away, which isn’t bad, but we used to be six, which was nicer.

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