Little Linlee Bee

This summer we went to a birthday party for a little girl who had been in one of Linlee’s autism classes.  She is a year ahead of Linlee, so she’d already completed her first year of middle school.  I listened in horror as her mother described how it had been for her daughter; not good.  I strongly feel that the school did not accommodate this child’s special needs.  (They did away with their autism program and pretty much left the special ed kids to fend for themselves in general ed.)  This little girl spent much of her sixth grade year crying.  We were in the same school district and this year, it was going to be Linlee’s turn.  I was beside myself with panic.  If there was ever a motivation to buckle down and find a house in a different school district, middle school was it.  I’d already done the research and knew that the district next to us was much, much better on every level.  And if we found a house in this district, it would still be close enough that we wouldn’t have to leave our friends or favorite services in the area.  So that’s what we did.  We found a house, moved and enrolled the girls in this school district.  I just came from my first meeting with the new middle school special ed department and I am on a high.  Linlee is not going to spend this year in tears.  She is going to be very well looked after as she continues her education.  I am so relieved.  We definitely made the right choice in uprooting the girls and moving them.  Next Tuesday I get to meet Holly’s first grade teacher.  Can’t wait!Linleebee02Linlee continues to call her school a “hive” and the students the “bees.”  Even though I wasn’t thrilled with her program last year, Linlee did have a very good teacher who gave her Betty Bee as a gift.  How sweet was that!



  1. Carolyn young

    That is very wonderful, special news!!

  2. Kathleen

    Isn’t it so reassuring to know you made the right choice for your kids? So, SO glad for you. (Doesn’t hurt that your new home is gorgeous..!)

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