Last hurrah!

Tomorrow the girls start at their new schools.  I think they are ready, but I’m feeling nervous.  As excited as I am for them to be heading back to school (it’s been a tough summer), I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over so that they can come home and tell me about their day.  Oh, I hope they have good reports!dq01This is Holly trying to will her ice cream into being ready.  Ha ha.dq02She chose a pumpkin pie blizzard.  Here comes fall!dq03Linlee sticks with classic strawberry.

And then this stinker…annoyingdogI have mere inches between my open dishwasher and the island and this is where Penny decided to hang out while I cleaned up after dinner.  Honestly!


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  1. Kathleen

    Sunny likes to hang out ON the dishwasher door. It was cute for, like, 3 seconds when she was a few weeks old. Now, she weighs 23 pounds, and the door cannot (should not) support her. It is a hard learning curve. I see Penny at least opts for the ground. I’ll bet it makes it hard to get around her.

    I think it’s fascinating that Holly opted for the autumnal flavors. That’s pretty sophisticated for a young palate!

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