Darn plums!

When I first found out that our front yard boasted a fruit tree, I was beyond charmed.  Today, not so much.  I’ve been extremely busy getting the girls ready for school the last few weeks.  I’ve never been so behind before, but the move absorbed my attention for about six weeks, so there you have it.  While dashing around for school shoes, school clothes, school supplies, and last minute doctor’s appointments, I was not paying attention to our yard.  This happened while I was not looking:plums01Oh my god, all that fruit is going to rot in my front yard!  So I hauled the girls outside for some plum cleanup time.  Linlee was a fabulous little worker bee.  Holly was a nightmare.plums02plums03Above, happy little worker bee.plums04Above, unhappy non-worker bee.plums05Now a crying non-worker bee because picking up plums is the worst thing that could ever happen to a girl.  Gah.  Actually, it was miserable work (many of the plums were mushy and my back was aching from the constant bending over).  We didn’t get close to finished.  Meanwhile the tree was actually pelting us with plums as we worked.  It was kind of funny.  What do people with fruit trees do about this problem?  Next year I can keep a better eye on the tree and have us go out there nightly before the tree drops masses to the ground, but gee whiz.



  1. Carolyn young

    That is a funny story!–well ,holly
    they looked beautiful! On the ground
    Beautiful photo of linlee!–working away
    As usual, holly’s reaction and photos just hysterical!

  2. Jennifer K

    If you thin the fruit when it’s small, you have less to drop. And, the fruit you get is higher quality. I don’t know if that truly applies to plums/prunes, but it sure does to apples/cherries/peaches/pears. By thinning, we cut the fallen fruit tremendously. Knowing the approximate time they’re ripe means you can be proactive and go pick before they fall…all things that are nearly impossible in a new house right after you move!! It will be better next year. 🙂

  3. Sam Campbell

    Watch out for hidden fruit when you mow the grass! It shoots out of the mower like a bullet and can really hurt someone! My parents have an orchard in their back yard. No one goes out until my dad is done with the orchard! Have thought about putting a couple of drop-cloths under the tree at night, then giving the tree a good shake?

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