Who’s a good girl?!

penny_sept04Not this dog!  penny_sept03However, Penny has done surprisingly well with the move.  Our last house was full of gates leftover from Holly’s toddler years, so we used them for Penny as well.  We’ve put zero gates up in the new house.  We were on edge to begin with, waiting to see what she’d ruin first, but so far, nothing.  On a rare occasion, she enters the room with a stolen stuffed animal in her mouth, but even so, we haven’t found one shredded to pieces yet.  We implemented a new “no dogs on the couch” rule with our new furniture.  Surprisingly, she has adjusted just fine.  Where she used to have to sleep in her crate, she now has the freedom to choose her sleeping spot – which appears to be on the bed between Rob and myself.  Oy.  No accidents in the new house.  She still steals food off the counters, but she did that before as well.  Honestly, both Rob and I are extremely pleased with her transition.  We anticipated much worse.  Maybe this naughty puppy is growing up.penny_sept02


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