Pumpkin Patch 2016

pp201603Linlee is saying “moo,” Holly is saying “neigh” and Rob is smiling.  The girls were eager to start our adventure on the zip line again this year.  Last year they had a blast and went at least five times.  This year, Holly decided it was scary.  Not sure why the change.  Have a look…pp201609An uncertain smile, but ready to go…pp201610pp101612That face above just kills me, especially when you compare it to last year:dsc_4052

And then here is Linlee enjoying the ride…pp101614pp201615pp101613pp201602pp2016_01pp201616pp201604Riding the hay wagon down the the pumpkins and corn maze.pp201620pp201607We found the center of the corn maze.  (By the way, the weather report said it was going to be “mostly cloudy” today.  Take a look at that sky!)pp201608pp201606Above, Linlee today and below, Linlee last year.  She did have a growth spurt, but these two pictures show almost six inches of growth which is not possible.  It looks like the ground this year bumped her up about two or three inches (compare the pumpkin feet in both pictures).dsc_4102.

pp201605Holly today and Holly last year.dsc_4097

Lastly, I forgot to get pictures of us picking our pumpkins at the farm, which is the whole point of the outing.  Whoops.  So here is our haul:pp201621





  1. Carolyn young

    Great, fun photos! Thanks!

  2. Kathleen

    i am always jealous of those retrospective height shots. Those girls are growing up! The zip line looks like a blast, and your mom looks great, Colleen. Fun at The Patch!! My boys have deemed themselves “too old” for ours. I guess we will have to find other fun stuff. Great kick-off to October!

  3. Wendy

    Cute cute cute!

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