Field Trips to the Pumpkin Patch

Both girls had class field trips to a pumpkin patch which we’ve never visited before.  Both girls had a blast!

pumpkin-lsms_11Linlee’s teacher took this fantastic photo.  Love the eye contact and genuine smile.  There is my girl!  (Parents were asked not to attend the field trip because the class works on social skills during their outings.  Apparently parents are distracting.  Ha!)20161018-170702-20cqjri-1o60ilc

I was able to attend Holly’s field trip.  I spy some pretty cute first graders!photo-22photo-23photo-24



  1. Carolyn young

    Great photos! Go,linlee, go!
    Cute first graders–and your 40 year old(in her mind) that holly!

  2. Sarah

    I truly love the picture of Linlee, she is so beautiful! And miss Holly is too, she is too funny, you just never know with her 🙂 It looks like they all had a great day .Big hugs to all!

  3. Snick

    Wow! Gorgeous shot of Linlee. She’s looking SO grown up, all of a sudden. So great that the teacher took pix and sent them to parents!! Love that!

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