My Birthday

mybirthday01There are four candles because I’m in my forties and that’s all you need to know.  mybirthday02It’s been a lovely birthday with my family; dinner out, wonderful gifts and cake!  (It might have been a little nicer if it wasn’t also a very tense election day, but otherwise, I’m a happy birthday girl.)  In addition, today was unusually warm for November 8th in Seattle; 72º and sunny!  We broke records.  I don’t think I have any other pictures of me in short sleeves on my birthday.



  1. Carolyn young

    Oh good grief! I missed another birthday!
    I lost my address book of 50 years which listed all birthdays!
    Thanks for the photos–great.
    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, collene

  2. Wendy

    What a beautiful Mama! 🙂 Happy Birthday!!

  3. Kathleen

    I cannot believe that I’ve been “stuck” with online access via my phone for so long. Now that I’m back at the computer, I can finally respond to these posts!! Such a great set of photos. The cake looks scrumptious. Looks like another great year ahead. (Also, I like you in that color of purple.) Happy Birthday!

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