Holiday Ice Skating Program

holidayprogram01I don’t actually have pictures or video of the girls’ ice skating routine to Jingle Bell Rock – but it was really cute.  We’re not allowed to take flash photography while they skate and without it, the pictures are just a blur.  Also, we’ve discovered that buying the professional video is the way to go over our own amateur attempts.  It’s a thousand times better, closer,  clearer, well lit, etc.  Anyhow, both girls did great.  They skated well together and remembered their routine.  Linlee fell once, which she never does.  I totally froze wondering what would happen next, since it was a scenario we are unfamiliar with.  Thankfully, she got right up and kept going.  I was so proud of her!  Well done, girls!holidayprogram03holidayprogram02holidayprogram04Almost time to skate!holidayprogram05Ready to (jingle bell) rock !



  1. Carolyn young

    Thanks for the report and photos!!
    I thought about them today
    Happy it went so well!

  2. Sarah

    They are so beautiful and I LOVE all the photos too!

  3. Kathleen

    Yes. THIS is how far behind I am. I have tracked with all your posts via phone, but I can’t comment until I’m on my computer.

    I love their skating outfits. So cool. Very “skate” and very “holiday.” Maybe I should take up ice skating.

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