Easter 2017

Easter2017_02This year has been a much nicer Easter than last year.  Last year the girls were too sick to care.  This year the girls had a brand new house in which to search for eggs (at six AM!), which was fun.  Their baskets included bubbles, a small toy, a little plush bunny, a chocolate bunny, smencils (smelly pencils) and a new spring dress.  For some reason, the girls brought extra plush bunnies to the event this morning.  (The Cinderella buckets were for collecting the hidden, candy-filled eggs.)Easter2017_03Easter2017_04Easter2017_06Holly spilled the majority of her bubble solution within 5 minutes.  Sigh.Easter2017_7

Then Super Dad Rob colored eggs with the girls.  He’s pretty awesome.Easter2017_08Easter2017_12Easter2017_09Easter2017_10Easter2017_11



  1. Carolyn young

    I wonderful photos! Thanks !😁

  2. Sarah

    I love all the happy faces!

  3. Kathleen

    Oh, you rocked the Easter thang, didn’t you? Your girls are pretty lucky to have such doting parents. Colored eggs and awesome baskets…what’s not to love?!

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