Holly_May2017_1This one’s got it; fear of bugs.  I think butterflies are the only bug/insect/spider which she is not afraid of, but don’t get her started on moths because those are also terrifying.  Last night there was a gnat in Holly’s room.  A gnat, barely visible.  After I removed it, her blood-curdling screams stopped, however she sobbed for a full hour for good measure.  Oy.  I know there is no reasoning with a true phobia.  (People tell me that planes are safer to travel in than cars, yet I know that they are actually steal tubes of death.  No amount of facts will convince me otherwise.)  Holly will drag me across the street to the park to play and then we will need to leave a few minutes later because a fly zipped by, or a tiny spider was sitting on the monkey bars.  I’m not sure how to help her with this fear; bugs are a part of everyday life, especially in the spring and summer.  Poor thing.  Here she is last summer upset about seeing a spider outside.


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  1. Carolyn young

    Oh, poor holly!
    Joe’s wife, Connie, is terrified of spiders–still.

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