Ice Water for Two

photo-1Oh, this sweet girl drives me crazy.  Each day she finds new ways to get into trouble.  Today she doused herself in my perfume (phew!) without asking, turned the sprinkler on so high that water came pouring into two open windows, and she chomped the bottom off of an ice cream cone so that the ice cream dripped out of the cone all over her outfit.  Today has actually been a pretty good day.  Yet, she also came out onto the sunny deck where I was reading a book and brought me a glass of ice water.  I hadn’t asked or mentioned being thirsty.  So thoughtful!  She brought one for herself too, along with some books to read while sitting next to me.  How I love this naughty little treasure!photo-2



  1. Carolyn young

    Naughty but ice smart!
    Like when she asked “grandma, are you tired?”–then named 20 things she wanted to do!

  2. Sarah

    She is a beautiful treasure for sure, she certainly keeps life interesting 🙂 Big hugs

  3. Kathleen

    I have those glasses.

    Cute story. I’m sure you will add to your list of examples — both good and bad — in no time!! She is going to keep you on your toes while she continually steals your heart.

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