The Wide-Mouthed Frog

That is the name of the class play which Holly and another classmate narrated tonight.  Holly rocked it.  She spoke clearly and expressively and seemed totally relaxed even though I know she was nervous.  And me?  I managed to hit “pause” instead of “record” every time she spoke.  ARGH!  I cannot communicate how frustrated I am with myself.  I’ve never made that mistake before, but gee whiz!  I do, however, have pictures of the pretty little narrator…narrator01narrator02Ready to go!narrator04narrator05Holly and Addison ready to share the mic.narrator06narrator07The girls did not have to memorize their lines.  They read from the script and they were both very good.narrator08Holly is on the floor watching the next play, but you can see Linlee and Rob up on chairs.



  1. Sarah

    Aww, I am sure she did rock this play, she is so beautiful !

  2. Carolyn young

    Oh wonderful!!
    Thanks for posting! Kept thinking about her!
    You go, holly!😁

  3. Kathleen

    Yeah. That’s frustrating and rather inconceivable. I did it once, and sat in denial for several minutes, willing my camera to give me something different. It didn’t. I am so sorry. It’s doubly horrible when she was amazing and the class won’t do a command performance. I liked your FB friend’s idea of asking another parent who was there… Maybe the other narrator’s family?

  4. CGW

    so cute!

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