Memorial Weekend

We’ve had a lovely three-day weekend.  Temps reached the eighties, which is unusual for Seattle in May.  This particular holiday weekend is often rainy for us.  Because of the beautiful sunshine, we actually went to a lake each of the three days (I went the first two, but opted out on the third).  I did an abominable job of remembering to take photos.  Gone are the days when I feel compelled to photograph & blog almost every single moment of our lives.  It’s nicer for me to travel without a heavy camera and enjoy being “in the moment” with my family.  Still, documenting good memories is important too.

While the girls were splashing in the first lake, I was lying under a shady tree with a book.  This was my view when looking up.  Much nicer than looking at a TV!photo-12photo-2Here are the girls at the second lake (big pond, really).  We’d arrived to check it out and go for a walk around it, but of course everyone needed to dip their toes.  Rob returned to this lake with the girls today for actual swimming.  They had a great time.photoWe enjoyed a lovely salmon dinner with my brother at my mom’s house on Saturday, went out to dinner on Sunday, and we are grilling sausages and dogs tonight.  All around terrific holiday weekend!

P.S. Rob is so sweet…  He posted a note on our bedroom door to remind Holly to let me sleep in.  Holly pretty much “needs” me 100% of the time, so I don’t get a lot of breaks if she is in the house.  Anyhow, his writing is in the dark blue.  Her response is in the light blue:photo-3



  1. Carolyn young

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    Cute photos!

  2. Carolyn young

    Just saw the note!
    So rob–and so holly!

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