Christmas in July!

Or at least that’s what it feels like.  Last week we received some awesome gifts from Thailand from Rob’s brother Joe and his wife Connie (thanks guys, I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you email!).  This week, we received some housewarming gifts from Rob’s Aunt Ann and Uncle Rich.  Merry summer to us!Anngift01Anngift02Above the girls are decked out in their new jewelry and wondering how soon they can paint their birdhouses!Anngift03Already decorated their little Glitter Pets with jewels.Anngift04FullSizeRender-2Can’t wait for dusk tonight to turn on these gorgeous crackle lights.  I tried them out in the dark of a bathroom and they are so pretty!  Thank you, Aunt Ann.  Everything you sent was a huge hit! ♥



  1. Wendy

    Summer presents are the best! So sweet! Ok, I have to tell you…I LOVE your red clock! It’s awesome!

  2. Sarah

    Merry July 🙂 Those sure are some beautiful faces as well as beautiful gifts. Big hugs to all of you !

  3. Kathleen

    That was my first reaction, too, Wendy! I adore that red clock! It is amazing. Love. Want.

    The pictures are sweet, too. Linlee looks so grown up. I am getting this boho feel for Holly. It will be interesting to see how her style develops as she grows older. Linlee seems refined and specific. Holly seems relaxed and chill. Love the pictures.

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