Camping; Plan B

Rob took the girls for their usual overnight camp trip this weekend.  They spent Saturday morning packing up while I started my mini break early and read a book.  Once they had gone, I ended up sitting on our front porch for an hour chatting with my neighbor.  Then I read some more and then I finally blasted music while I danced and sang like a teenager while cleaning up the kitchen.  My break was going very, very well.  Then I got the phone call…  Rob was checking in after an afternoon of swimming at the creek to let me know that he’d got the campsite reservation date wrong and there was no space for them; they were coming home.

Yup, my feelings.  I’d had evening plans of watching a nice, British, historical romance with a big bowl of popcorn and sleeping in the next morning uninterrupted.  DISAPPOINTED!!!

So the troops came home and set up camp in the backyard.  It was a good compromise because the girls were pretty disappointed too.camping01(I’m embarrassed about our brown grass.  Clearly we need to put in a sprinkler system.)camping02camping03camping04Rob slept out back with them and they made it through the night.  Everyone was up at six AM, though.  My morning to peacefully sleep in will have to wait until next Sunday when the “real” camping trip happens.  Let’s wish us all better luck!



  1. Carolyn young

    Oh no, a busted trip! Back yard looks great!
    Great photos! Thanks!😊

  2. willgoh2

    Brown grass never fazes me, in fact, it’s a given out here in CA. LOL

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