Cue the angel choir…

Oh, I had a moment of complete joy tonight.  For the last year, I’ve been working with Linlee on washing her own hair.  Some of her challenges don’t faze me a bit, while others I find draining.  This particular challenge has brought me near tears over the last year.  She is capable of doing other tasks which I view to be on the same level as washing hair.  The child can make a peanut butter & jam sandwich like nobody’s business.  She packs her own lunch for school.  She brushes her teeth and hair on her own and dresses herself every day.  She clicks like a speed demon while building truly intricate cities in Minecraft.  I just couldn’t understand why she could not learn to wash her own hair.  So, for whatever reason, it took Linlee one year to acquire this skill, but we are finally there.  In fact, she’s got the whole showering thing down now – start to finish all on her own.  It’s a huge relief.  But then tonight…  She took this awesome new skill even one step further; she showered and washed her hair without even being asked to.  HOLY COW!  Linlee took responsibility for herself.  I couldn’t be more proud.  It’s been such a long road, but by George, I think she’s got it!Linlee_8-1-17



  1. Sarah

    Yay beautiful Linlee !!! I am so happy for both of you! Big big hugs and lots of love !!!

    • Carolyn young

      Good for the Beauty Girl!

  2. Kathleen

    Congratulations Linlee and Mom! So beautiful. I wish I had her hair!

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