Visit to the ER

IMG_1860So yesterday did not go as planned.  Linlee’s neck began hurting her so badly in the morning that we could not get her into the car to go see the doctor.  She wanted to remain lying down and when we tried to move her, she would scream in pain and sob hysterically.  We ended up having to have an ambulance take her to the ER.  After a few hours at the hospital, it was decided that she was simply dealing with a muscle strain.  Perhaps she slept on her neck wrong, or maybe she pulled a muscle when struggling to get her two-piece swim suit over her head that morning for camp.  In any event, it was a relief that it was nothing more serious.  Linlee has a pretty high tolerance for pain, so it was extremely concerning when she was suddenly in so much distress.  There was also the communication issue; she can’t really tell us what the problem is.  She said her head hurt and she pointed to her neck, but other than that, we could get no information, like when the pain started, was it a dull ache or sharp pain, did the pain move around, etc.  When the EMTs asked her if she’d fallen, she said “yes.”  When they asked her if she hit her head on the something, she said, “yes.”  I was 99% certain that neither of those things had happened, but there Linlee was saying “yes” to whatever they asked.  Autism, gotta love it.  Now our biggest challenge is getting the pain relief medicine into her as the muscle recovers.  Linlee is notoriously awful at taking medicine; oy.  Luckily, she is already feeling much, much, better this morning, so I predict that she will be feeling 100% again within a few days.Linlee_well



  1. Carolyn young

    Oh, sorry about that! Hope she is okay–let us know
    Photos are good anyway

  2. Kathleen

    Glad she is doing better. Hope she heals quickly!

  3. Wendy

    What an ordeal! So glad all is well.

  4. willgoh2

    Oh no! I’m sorry she was I. So much pain. As a person who suffered from throracic and shoulder pain in a semi occurring g basis I can tell you that some of that is very painful. There have been moment when it felt like electrical shocks or a pain so sharp that I wanted to throw up and has put me in tears. Get well soon!

    • willgoh2

      Sorry for typos. On my phone typing.

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