One Year

One year ago, my kitchen looked like this…14034694_1072253966144592_3106435665710566403_nIt was our first day in this house!  Can’t believe an entire year has already zipped by.  We have absolutely no regrets about our move.  I loved our old house, but I love this house even more.  Our old neighborhood was fine, but this one is way better!  I love that we are surrounded by trees and that the houses are not scrunched tightly together and that our streets are not cluttered with extra cars.  I feel so much more at peace here.  I’m particularly thrilled that we are no longer on a hill and our driveway is flat.  Most importantly, while our old school district was barely adequate, this one rocks.  The girls are both very happy here.  We definitely made the right decision in moving.kitchennowMy kitchen today.  🙂



  1. Carolyn young

    Really agree about the schools–number one for me!!

  2. Kathleen

    Love your kitchen. What do you think about having your stove/range hood over the island? I can see pros and cons. I would love that there is no backsplash to de-grease!

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