First Day of School 2017!

FirstDay02My seventh grader.

FirstDay04My second grader.

FirstDay01The girls chose to wear the same outfit on their first day.  How cute is that?!

Holly’s friend, Sybella, from our neighborhood is in Holly’s class this year.  The girls are thrilled!FirstDay0521317602_10209910250378899_4144009885126890133_nNow it’s time for me to pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace & quiet.  Yes!



  1. Carolyn young

    Oh they just look beautiful!! Enjoy your coffee!

  2. willgoh2

    Oh my word, they both look so grown!!!
    Your schools allow opened toe shoes/sandals?!! Wow!

    • Colleen

      They do allow open toe sandals, but the girls have to bring gym shoes for gym. 🙂

  3. Kathleen

    So pretty. I especially love the hand-in-hand with Sybella.

    Welcome to space. Personal margin is a beautiful thing.

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