Shout Out to My High School Bestie!

highschool2Kathleen and I met at age sixteen and our friendship has endured.  We were in drama club together.  Sometimes after school we’d go get a milkshake and discuss how eager we were for college where there might be some “mature” boys to date.  What a hoot!  Then we became roommates in college while we figured out career paths and dating and being grown up.  There is probably no one in this world who I have laughed harder with than Kathleen.  After college our lives took us to different cities and states, but our connection remained.  We both married, we both adopted two children (that was an unexpected coincidence), and we both left our careers to raise our families.  Through the wonders of email, we keep up with each other regularly.  The last time we were able to visit in person was eight years ago.  Today we got to sit over coffee (much more adult than milkshakes) and make the most of our two-hour window to talk face-to-face.  The time went by in a blink.  It’s pretty awesome to have a friend you’ve known forever.  FullSizeRender-11I think what I love most about this picture is that we didn’t know where to look.  Kathleen said that some nearby youth were probably laughing at the old ladies trying to take a selfie.  That gave us the giggles while we tried to get the shot.  Old ladies?  Aren’t we still sixteen???



  1. Carolyn young

    What a nice, special thing!

  2. Sarah

    Forever friends are the best, I have some that I have known and still see that I have been friends since elementary school and yes that has been a couple of years or so :). You both are beautiful! Glad you are still able to get together. Big hugs

  3. Wendy

    That’s awesome!!

  4. Kathleen

    You take the cake for looking most like your younger self, Colleen. I bet you don’t get your first wrinkle until Holly turns 13. I got mine when Jon was 2.

    Where is that conscientious environmental sanitation specialist? I thought for SURE the janitor would have been in the background of this pic!!

    Wish we could do coffee every month, Friend.

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