Who’s got spirit?!

cheerleading05This little one got to cheer at the high school football game (during halftime) last night!  She and bestie, Zoey, signed up for a cheerleading clinic for the week and had a blast learning to cheer.  Holly definitely has the bug and wants to continue to take cheer classes.  She was nervous at first with the idea of cheering in front of the crowds on Friday, but was totally pumped up by the time it was her turn (with about 50 other elementary students) to get out and show her stuff.  And she did so well!  It was a really fun evening.cheerleading06cheerleading04cheerleading03cheerleading02cheerleading01cheerleading07cheerleading08Getting excited!cheerleading09cheerleading10cheerleading11cheerleading12Getting ready to go out on the field.

cheerleading13This shot shows only about half of the junior cheerleaders.  Holly is in there somewhere.cheerleading14cheerleading15cheerleading16cheerleading19Holly is to the left of the cheerleader (in black) in the back row.  Zoey is next to Holly.

cheerleading17cheerleading18This was their coach, a “real” high school cheerleader.  Holly was in awe.

20170928_1917511And this was the girls the night before at practice.  Who knows where their interests will lead them as they grow, but I think it would be really fun if they ended up cheering in high school and I had these pictures of them back in second grade!



  1. willgoh2


  2. Carolyn young

    Wonderful photos!
    That cute, beautiful, energetic child!
    Glad linlee was there–eating a hot dog I bet
    Can’t we all just see holly as a cheerleader!😊

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