Ya win some, ya lose some.

newboxspring01Oh, this picture cracks me up.  You can see Linlee’s true feelings about the new box spring which I put underneath her mattress.  Her bed did not need a box spring when we first got it.  She was just about four-years old and small for her age, so a low bed was perfect:


But now she is approaching 13 and I felt the bed could use a bump in height; a little more age appropriate.  Linlee is not happy.  She does not like the change.  She does not like any change.  She wants me to get rid of the new box spring so that her bed can be low again.  Hmm.  I think I will give her time to adjust.newboxspring02Can’t believe I managed to get a smile out of her!

And then Penny, AKA Naughtiest Dog Alive…  Holly and I made cookies on Saturday.  That evening while out to dinner, Penny got the Tupperware container off of the kitchen counter, opened it (!) and ate every single cookie.  Sob!  Today I accidentally left my coffee mug on top of the piano.  Clearly Penny spotted my error:IMG_1953This is where I found the heavy mug when I came home.  So, so naughty.



  1. willgoh2

    I have to chuckle at your bed change for L. We are a family of extremes, I guess. M has a loft bed, not as high as a bunk, but up there. We have a low bed. Hahahaha!!

    Cute smile!

  2. Carolyn young

    The expression on linlee’s face is beyond perfect as an expression of dislike!!
    Tell her I think it is for an older girl–which she is now!
    Well, penny didn’t eat the Tupperware or break the cup–pretty skilled!

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