Pumpkin Carving 2017

p-carving01Let the carving begin!  (Although, first let me say that I asked my beloved husband to bring out the Halloween bin which contained all of our pumpkin carving tools.  We’ve got pumpkin saws, pokers and edgers galore.  Rob brought out the bin and then went into the kitchen and gathered some of my kitchen knives and began stabbing away at his pumpkin.  I have no words.)p-carving02p-carving03p-carving04David S. Pumpkins; any questions???




  1. Carolyn young

    Great pumpkins!! Better kids!!
    What are kitchen knives for!!

    • Colleen

      He was using them to “carve” with instead of using the actual carving tools. (Once he realized how much easier it was with a pumpkin saw, he switched over, although you’d think he’d remember from years past.)

  2. Sarah

    What great punkins’ kids and all 🙂 Love all the happy faces too!

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