A is for Art

Linlee’s report card has remained the same since she started special ed in public school at age three.  She gets “Ps”.  That means progressing.  I always look forward to parent/teacher conferences so that I can hear about the details of her program and her personal progress, but opening her actual report card that comes in the mail is hardly even necessary.  It will be a list of Ps.  Last month when I went through the routine of opening the report card, I just kept staring because it looked different; there was a strange letter A among her Ps.  It looked totally out of place.  And it was for the one, general ed class in which Linlee joins the “typical” kids; art.  I don’t care about Linlee’s grades as long as she is happy and is making progress, but I have to say, I am thrilled that she has found something to excel at and be acknowledged for.  Her art teacher told me that art class is Linlee’s happy place.  She also told me that a piece of Linlee’s art is hanging up at the district office.  (I’ve never been to the district office, but I need to find it now so that I can take a picture!)  Here are two drawings from her special ed class:a96de4bb925664220c6ef4f5  I think that must be the cutest Grinch I have ever seen!

I will try to get some pictures of Linlee’s art projects from art class to post on another day.  I also want to mention how thankful I am that art is still included in middle school curriculum.  Go Linlee!



  1. Sarah

    Great job Linlee !!

  2. Carolyn young

    Oh, that post made me so happy!! Tears!
    As an old art teacher, I know she is good!
    I have always been so pleased that you posted her art work at home!

  3. Kathleen

    Love, love, LUV! I am so happy for Linlee and so pleased that she has a medium to express herself. Is she proud of her work?

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