Ho ho ho!

Santapic2017We enjoyed a Christmassy weekend.  The girls got to visit with Santa.  Linlee had claimed she was too old for Santa, but once she was sitting next to him, she became quite chatty (in between her excited giggles).  Holly had been tentatively looking forward to the visit (there’s always a chance Santa might bring up some naughty behaviors which one would rather forget about), but was overcome with shyness and was barely able to squeak out one thing she might like for Christmas.  So unlike Holly!

Then we had the making of the sugar cookies.  Oy.  I love my girls and I love the cookies, but the two of them together…   It’s pretty chaotic rather than idyllic.  I want to love the moment, I truly do, yet by the time we finish, I’m a frazzled mess with a completely wrecked kitchen to clean up.  Not so fun for me, but the girls enjoyed themselves.  Maybe next year Mémé can bake sugar cookies with them.  🙂xmascookies02Xmascookies01

Each cookie decorator had his/her own style.  Rob:xmascookiesRob






  1. Sarah

    I know it is messy and crazy just keep saying you are making memories when they are making messes, I miss my days like that although Stacie was never really interested in doing things like this, the other kids that came over were more interested than she was 🙂 Days are long but years are short. Love y’all

  2. Carolyn young

    Xmas Santa photo great! Funny that linlee talked and holly quiet!
    Cookie baking fun! Liked photos of each person’s decorating. You have started many good family traditions–important. Even Rob’s “timber”!

  3. Kathleen

    The cookies look like a perfect rendition of homemade cookies. I notice you didn’t post a picture of your kitchen afterwards..! Hah! I am sure the girls are making amazing memories, in spite of your PTSD.

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