Christmas 2017


Christmas Eve was pretty dreamy.  We went out with all the grandparents for a lovely Olive Garden meal and it began to snow.  The girls were beyond excited; Santa was coming AND it was snowing!  When we got home from dinner, we went for a family walk to see the neighborhood lights.  Perfect!ChristmasEve2017Christmas2017_04Santa was generous!Christmas2017_08Penny got something in her stocking too; a burlap bag with coal and a stern note from Santa:Christmas2017_8Christmas2017_02Christmas morning!Christmas2017_01Christmas morning didn’t go exactly as planned.  The snow on the roads kept the grandparents from joining us for opening gifts (and then there was an unexpected trip to the ER with my mother – everything turned out fine!), but we all still managed to have a good day.Christmas2017_05Christmas2017_06Linlee has never had an interest in dancing or tutus, but asked for one this year.Christmas2017_13Holly coloring her new Pusheen coloring book with her new coloring set in her new nightgown and new kitty ears headband.  It doesn’t get better than that!Christmas2017_07Even the naughty dog received a toy.  Lucky girl!Christmas2017_10Learning about money with a high-tech cash register.

Christmas2017_9The roads were clear by the afternoon and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with all the grandparents and my brother.  Merry Christmas!



  1. Anne

    Oh, your Christmas sounds like it was fabulous! And your tree is beautiful….

  2. Carolyn young

    Such great photos!
    We had such a great visit!
    All just wonderful! Thanks!

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