Penny turns 3

Pennybirthday02Well, what to say.  Penny remains the most high strung dog we’ve ever owned.  She has settled down some.  She doesn’t play-bite as often as she used to.  She still gets overly excited when guests arrive and often pees on the floor as well as invading their space with over-the-top dog energy.  She still snuggles up to us with a toy or bone and then growls if we pet her.  She still counter-surfs for food daily.  After pulling a tupperware container off the counter and eating the entire batch of cookies inside, we began keeping her in the garage when we are out.  She’s got a cozy bed in there and it’s nice to come home to a kitchen which has not been ransacked by the dog.  Despite how much trouble she is, we still love her.  She’s got a sweet spirit which is overjoyed to be part of our family.  Happy birthday, Penny!Pennybirthday01dsc_0041Little Penny as a puppy.  (Doesn’t even look like the same dog!)



  1. Carolyn young

    HBD, miss energy!
    I thought at Christmas that she is better! Impressed at Christmas that Rob has taught her some commands–and she does them!
    Such a sweet dog–just give her 5 more years!

    • Colleen

      I took her to puppy school and taught her the commands.

  2. Carolyn young

    Good for you! See, there is hope!
    Love that toy photo–I remember seeing it at Christmas–whole and new!

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