Junior Cheerleader

She’s back!bbcheeer09bbcheer10bbcheer11This time Miss Holly and Miss Zoey cheered at the high school basketball game.bbcheer03bbcheer02bbcheer04You can’t exactly tell from the picture above, but about 100 little girls were standing in this hallway getting ready to cheer at halftime.  It felt about 100 degrees inside the building.  The noise decibel level was also probably about 100.  Oy.bbcheer05bbcheer06I wasn’t able to get a picture or video of Holly doing the cheer.  She was on the other side of the gym which was already swarming with teens for senior night and I’m guessing 200 extra parents (or 300 if each family brought along a grandparent or friend) to watch the junior cheerleaders.  My point is, it was WAY CROWDED.  I could see Holly, but my camera could not.  She was fabulous.bbcheer07Look at that happy smile!bbcheer08Well done, girls!



  1. Carolyn young

    Loved your “she’s back!”
    Those photos are great!😊

  2. Sarah

    Aww, love those smiles I am sure she was fabulous !

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