Happy birthday, Mémé!

Lombardi'sLast night we enjoyed a really great dinner at an Italian restaurant on the waterfront in celebration of my mom’s birthday.  Everything about the evening was fabulous.  We got to talking afterward about how nice it is to have the girls at an age where we can take them out someplace nice and anticipate that things will go smoothly.  Both girls were so well behaved and delightful (even though the restaurant was busy and service was slow).  We are definitely to the “good parts” of raising kids.



  1. Sarah

    Please tell your Mom Happy Birthday for me and it looks like everyone had a great time, big hugs to all !

  2. Kathleen

    Oh, YAY! I love hearing that you are to “the good parts” of parenting. You’ve had some challenges, and parenting in general is quite a road! Glad to hear you had a great night.

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