Easter 2018

At 6:00 PM last night (the night before Easter), Linlee asked when we are going to dye eggs.  Uh…  That project had not been on my radar since I really do not enjoy it.  If coloring Easter eggs is going to happen, it’s up to Rob – who blatantly forgot.  But bless his heart, he stepped up and before the night was over, eggs were boiled and dyed.  What an awesome daddy!Easter2018_1Holly has been out-of-her-mind excited about Easter this year.  Yesterday while waiting for Rob and Linlee in the car, Holly was chattering a hundred miles a minute with her cheek pressed right up next to mine (giving me zero space).  I actually got a picture:29746120_1652956248074358_213990742_n

Trying to sleep last night was more of a challenge than even Christmas Eve.  Although the girls had been firmly told that no grownup was getting up before 6:00, Holly was up at 2:00 and 5:00 and 5:50 crazy with excitement.  Ugh.  Its seems I’m often cranky Easter morning and I think I know why.  And even though it is now several hours later in the morning, she is still acting as if she’s on speed.  Oh, help us.Easter2018_2Their baskets included new spring/summer pjs, bubbles, a stuffed animal (Linlee is into Angelina Ballerina and Holly is into kitties), a Fingerling toy, a headband and a chocolate bunny.  And of course there was an egg hunt; their favorite.Easter2018_3These are Fingerlings:Easter2018_4They are little monkeys that sit on your finger and chatter and make kissy noises and open & close their eyes.

Next we are off for a big adventure into Seattle for the day.  Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Carolyn young

    What a great, happy time!
    Happy Easter!
    Our cards will be late.

  2. Kathleen

    Looks like a shimmering, idyllic Easter morning. You win, Easter Bunny.

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