Spring Break

We have bupkis planned for spring break this year, so that means hanging out on the back deck blowing bubbles (even if it’s cold out!).April2018_05April2017_01April2018_03April2018_02April2018_04April2018_06Linlee has been prancing around the house pretending to be a ballerina lately.  Angelina Ballerina is her current favorite.April2018_07April2018_08And then we have Miss Personality.April2018_09April2018_11April2018_12



  1. Sarah

    Absolutely gorgeous girls and Penny too 🙂 Enjoy your time with these beauties, love y’all

  2. Carolyn young

    What joyful photos!

  3. Kathleen

    Oh, gosh. Miss Personality, YES. Holly is definitely that. And gorgeous. It’s been a while since I’ve told you that you and Rob will need to be on guard through her pre-teen and teen years. Those boys will be lurking. And, I absolutely love the close-up picture of the lovely Miss Linlee. To me, it looks like you captured her there,

    For the record, we often do nothing particular for Spring Break, either. The boys have friends who jet to far off lands. We jet to Costco. Woo Hoo. Not much to speak of, but not every moment can be Disneyland. (And, if I recall your Disney trip correctly, that’s not a bad thing.)

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