Memorial Day at the Farm

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Peter have returned from six months in England.  Even though they are still jet lagged, one of the first things they did was invite everybody to the farm for afternoon tea!farmMay2018_01farmMay2018_02farmMay2018_03Goat love.farmMay2018_05farmMay2018_06Mary, Kaela, Trevor, Mom, Michael.

farmMay2018_07Uncle Peter listening intently.

farmMay2018_08My cousin Kaela turned 28.  Aunt Mary made her a Victoria sponge cake with jam and whipped cream.

farmMay2018_09Sarah and Joel.

farmMay2018_15My mom and her sister Mary.

farmMay2018_10Pretty girls back on the swing.farmMay2018_11farmMay2018_13farmMay2018_14What a lovely afternoon!



  1. Carolyn young

    What a special event!
    Last 2 photos of the girls are great!

  2. Anne

    What nice pictures – looks like it was a very good way to spend the day. Love the goats!!! The girls look like they enjoyed that swing –

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