About us…

We are Rob, Colleen, Linlee and Holly living in the Pacific Northwest. Rob and I married in 2003. We brought home our first daughter from China in November 2005. I left my teaching career to be a stay at home mom and have never been happier. Rob is a computer programmer/software developer.  In February 2009, Linlee was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  We are working hard to help her recover.  In June 2010, our second daughter, Holly, was born through domestic adoption.

My email address is: colleen_yng@yahoo.com



  1. Chris Gable

    Hi Colleen! I see you have switched your blog over! I have loved reading it and catching up on you all. It has been so long since we have been in touch, but I had your blog in “my favorites” and am so glad to see how you all are coming along. I understand the anxiety/frustrations with early intervention…we have our first transition meeting next month for Ellen, and when she is three she can go to the school that specializes in kiddos with Cochlear Implants, butit’s in Indianapolis and there is NO WAY this mama bear is putting my three year old on the bus for a 35 mile drive! As it is now at age 2 1/2 she only weighs 20 pounds, hard to imagine her being much bigger by age 3. LOVE having the speech therapist come to the house once a week, and we feel especially blessed that we have had therapists who specialize in cochlear implant rehab and therapy (Ellen is doing wonderfully…she can hear us whisper to her and she whispers back, and this is my profoundly deaf baby girl…the CI is a miracle).Okay, just wanted to check in, I will continue to check your blog. I think about you and what an INTENSE TIME we went through (especially that doggone wait you had for TA) 2 years ago. I can’t wait to read how things progress for you with the VN adoption! Linlee is just beautiful and looks like an absolute delight and I can tell how much you are loving motherhood! If it is possible for you to glow through your words, you are!!Love, Chris Gable (Nathan, Nina and Ellen’s mom), Indiana

  2. I was talking to Carolyn last night at the motel and she told me about Elizabeth.

    My prayers are with the family.

  3. HI Rob – wow, adopting- what a gift – thanks for sharing your story. You have a nice family here….And, you work for Disney. That is fantastic. I did not know they had a facility in Seattle. . . . It will be nice to be in touch via the internet – always cherish memories of Cleveland.

    Cornelia Becker Seigneur

  4. Rob

    Great to hear from you too, Cornelia! Also, just to give credit where credit is due, the blog is all Colleen. She’s done a great job with both the pictures and the posts. I’m just another enamored audience member (and occasional subject)!

  5. thanks for clarifying. It is great to catch up on your wonderful family. and i do look forward to keeping in touch.

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