Eclipse 2017

eclipse04Holly helping Rob set up.  We didn’t snag any eclipse glasses, so Rob projected the image for us with a telescope.eclipse05eclipse06eclipse01eclipse10eclipse02eclipse09eclipse11eclipse07eclipse08eclipse13eclipsWe were a little disappointed that we didn’t get that dark moment (we thought with 92% coverage it would get somewhat dark), but it was a pretty fascinating event even so!


Hanging in there…

IMG_1868This was the girls’ last day of camp last week.  I took them to frozen yogurt afterward.  Libby’s older sister, Ella, joined us.  The car ride was hilarious.  Ella sat in the front seat giving me extensive details about her horse’s medical conditions.  Linlee sat in the back chattering to herself along with Holly and Libby who were both being wild and very loud.  I couldn’t hear myself think and found it hard to concentrate on driving.  Good thing I normally only have two!

One Year

One year ago, my kitchen looked like this…14034694_1072253966144592_3106435665710566403_nIt was our first day in this house!  Can’t believe an entire year has already zipped by.  We have absolutely no regrets about our move.  I loved our old house, but I love this house even more.  Our old neighborhood was fine, but this one is way better!  I love that we are surrounded by trees and that the houses are not scrunched tightly together and that our streets are not cluttered with extra cars.  I feel so much more at peace here.  I’m particularly thrilled that we are no longer on a hill and our driveway is flat.  Most importantly, while our old school district was barely adequate, this one rocks.  The girls are both very happy here.  We definitely made the right decision in moving.kitchennowMy kitchen today.  🙂

Visit to the ER

IMG_1860So yesterday did not go as planned.  Linlee’s neck began hurting her so badly in the morning that we could not get her into the car to go see the doctor.  She wanted to remain lying down and when we tried to move her, she would scream in pain and sob hysterically.  We ended up having to have an ambulance take her to the ER.  After a few hours at the hospital, it was decided that she was simply dealing with a muscle strain.  Perhaps she slept on her neck wrong, or maybe she pulled a muscle when struggling to get her two-piece swim suit over her head that morning for camp.  In any event, it was a relief that it was nothing more serious.  Linlee has a pretty high tolerance for pain, so it was extremely concerning when she was suddenly in so much distress.  There was also the communication issue; she can’t really tell us what the problem is.  She said her head hurt and she pointed to her neck, but other than that, we could get no information, like when the pain started, was it a dull ache or sharp pain, did the pain move around, etc.  When the EMTs asked her if she’d fallen, she said “yes.”  When they asked her if she hit her head on the something, she said, “yes.”  I was 99% certain that neither of those things had happened, but there Linlee was saying “yes” to whatever they asked.  Autism, gotta love it.  Now our biggest challenge is getting the pain relief medicine into her as the muscle recovers.  Linlee is notoriously awful at taking medicine; oy.  Luckily, she is already feeling much, much, better this morning, so I predict that she will be feeling 100% again within a few days.Linlee_well

Day Camp!

I am living the good life this week.  1. We have air conditioning.  (This is still a very big deal after twenty years of not having air conditioning.)  2. The girls are spending the week at day camp.  It is a week-long camp which goes from 9:30 to 4:00 – woot woot!  It’s not that I don’t love my babies, but left with too much time on their hands, they focus on new and better ways to irritate each other (and me).  So a week full of activity & distraction is a very good thing.  Holly’s best buddy from first grade is attending as well.FullSizeRender-3Linlee, Holly and Libby.FullSizeRender-4

At home, Holly and Libby were playing upstairs when I heard Holly say, “Let’s play in my Mom’s room.”  I called up, “Nope!  Off limits.  You can play in your room or the play room.”  In total dismay, Holly responded, “We can’t play in those rooms!  They are too messy!”  Uh huh.  And I can just imagine what my room would look like when they were finished.  Nope, nope, nope.

Cue the angel choir…

Oh, I had a moment of complete joy tonight.  For the last year, I’ve been working with Linlee on washing her own hair.  Some of her challenges don’t faze me a bit, while others I find draining.  This particular challenge has brought me near tears over the last year.  She is capable of doing other tasks which I view to be on the same level as washing hair.  The child can make a peanut butter & jam sandwich like nobody’s business.  She packs her own lunch for school.  She brushes her teeth and hair on her own and dresses herself every day.  She clicks like a speed demon while building truly intricate cities in Minecraft.  I just couldn’t understand why she could not learn to wash her own hair.  So, for whatever reason, it took Linlee one year to acquire this skill, but we are finally there.  In fact, she’s got the whole showering thing down now – start to finish all on her own.  It’s a huge relief.  But then tonight…  She took this awesome new skill even one step further; she showered and washed her hair without even being asked to.  HOLY COW!  Linlee took responsibility for herself.  I couldn’t be more proud.  It’s been such a long road, but by George, I think she’s got it!Linlee_8-1-17

Camping; Plan B

Rob took the girls for their usual overnight camp trip this weekend.  They spent Saturday morning packing up while I started my mini break early and read a book.  Once they had gone, I ended up sitting on our front porch for an hour chatting with my neighbor.  Then I read some more and then I finally blasted music while I danced and sang like a teenager while cleaning up the kitchen.  My break was going very, very well.  Then I got the phone call…  Rob was checking in after an afternoon of swimming at the creek to let me know that he’d got the campsite reservation date wrong and there was no space for them; they were coming home.

Yup, my feelings.  I’d had evening plans of watching a nice, British, historical romance with a big bowl of popcorn and sleeping in the next morning uninterrupted.  DISAPPOINTED!!!

So the troops came home and set up camp in the backyard.  It was a good compromise because the girls were pretty disappointed too.camping01(I’m embarrassed about our brown grass.  Clearly we need to put in a sprinkler system.)camping02camping03camping04Rob slept out back with them and they made it through the night.  Everyone was up at six AM, though.  My morning to peacefully sleep in will have to wait until next Sunday when the “real” camping trip happens.  Let’s wish us all better luck!

Picking Raspberries

berrypicking02berrypicking01berrypicking04berrypicking03berrypicking06berrypicking09berrypicking08berrypicking10berrypicking11We spent a lovely afternoon at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Woodinville.  I forgot my good camera; sorry those last pictures are a bit fuzzy.

Painting Birdhouses

birdhouses01birdhouses03birdhouses04birdhouses05birdhouses02birdhouses07birdhouses06The girls loved this project.  Thanks, Aunt Ann!

Christmas in July!

Or at least that’s what it feels like.  Last week we received some awesome gifts from Thailand from Rob’s brother Joe and his wife Connie (thanks guys, I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you email!).  This week, we received some housewarming gifts from Rob’s Aunt Ann and Uncle Rich.  Merry summer to us!Anngift01Anngift02Above the girls are decked out in their new jewelry and wondering how soon they can paint their birdhouses!Anngift03Already decorated their little Glitter Pets with jewels.Anngift04FullSizeRender-2Can’t wait for dusk tonight to turn on these gorgeous crackle lights.  I tried them out in the dark of a bathroom and they are so pretty!  Thank you, Aunt Ann.  Everything you sent was a huge hit! ♥