Ice Dancer

FullSizeRender-17Sorry for the blurry picture.  Holly was waiting for her coach yesterday and she began doing a pretend routine on the ice.  Sometimes her moves were graceful, sometimes dramatic.  She glided and twirled and skated on one leg.  Her arms and hands were like that of a ballerina.  She sparkled with happiness.  Clearly Holly felt beautiful and confident on the ice.  I so wish I had caught it on video.  (And how I wish I could freeze that moment in time to have ready for future days when her self esteem needs a little boost.)


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Linlee



13thbirthday_13And now we have a teenager.  Just not sure what to say about that.13thbirthday_1213thbirthday_01Linlee requested strawberry cupcakes.13thbirthday_0513thbirthday_07She asked for a Panda plush, but you can see below that her eyes are glued to the Cat in the Hat calendar set which Mémé gave her.  The Cat in the Hat and calendars are two of her major obsessions.13thbirthday_0613thbirthday_08Interestingly enough, Linlee also asked for a pink shirt.  Pink?  Not blue?  Holy cow!13thbirthday_0913thbirthday_10Happy birthday, sweet girl.  We love you!

FullSizeRender-14Oh goodness, she has been organizing her calendar corner all afternoon.  One happy girl!

Happy New Year!!!

NewYearEve2017_2NYE2017_02NYE2017_03NYE2017_04The girls wanted to welcome in 2018 with chocolate fondue!NYE2017_01NYE2017_05NYE2017_6HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Linlee, Holly and Rachel

L&H&R_02Anne and Rachel came over for a visit today.  We girls all enjoyed ourselves very much!L&H&R_03Linlee is starting to catch up height-wise with Rachel.  Remember this picture from just two years ago?  (The girls are only four months apart in age.)L&R2015

Christmas 2017


Christmas Eve was pretty dreamy.  We went out with all the grandparents for a lovely Olive Garden meal and it began to snow.  The girls were beyond excited; Santa was coming AND it was snowing!  When we got home from dinner, we went for a family walk to see the neighborhood lights.  Perfect!ChristmasEve2017Christmas2017_04Santa was generous!Christmas2017_08Penny got something in her stocking too; a burlap bag with coal and a stern note from Santa:Christmas2017_8Christmas2017_02Christmas morning!Christmas2017_01Christmas morning didn’t go exactly as planned.  The snow on the roads kept the grandparents from joining us for opening gifts (and then there was an unexpected trip to the ER with my mother – everything turned out fine!), but we all still managed to have a good day.Christmas2017_05Christmas2017_06Linlee has never had an interest in dancing or tutus, but asked for one this year.Christmas2017_13Holly coloring her new Pusheen coloring book with her new coloring set in her new nightgown and new kitty ears headband.  It doesn’t get better than that!Christmas2017_07Even the naughty dog received a toy.  Lucky girl!Christmas2017_10Learning about money with a high-tech cash register.

Christmas2017_9The roads were clear by the afternoon and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with all the grandparents and my brother.  Merry Christmas!

2nd Grade Party

IMG_2098I got to volunteer at Holly’s little class party today.  While the second graders were doing crafts, they spontaneously began singing “Let It Snow!” as they worked.  It was too cute for words!FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRender-6Holly made the reindeer headband, the necklace and a star ornament (which is facing sideways, so you can’t tell what it is).  She also got to decorate a cookie and watch a movie with popcorn and juice.  It’s good to be seven!

Christmas Concert

2ndgradeconcert01Do you see Holly front and center?  That never happens!  She’s always one of the tallest in her class, so she is usually in the back row.  Not exactly sure how she got in the front, but it was fun to see all of her this year.  (We were far enough back in the audience that I knew any video would be subpar.  Just trust me that the second graders were really cute singing holiday songs.)2ndgradeconcert02Holly and good friend Sybella.

Ho ho ho!

Santapic2017We enjoyed a Christmassy weekend.  The girls got to visit with Santa.  Linlee had claimed she was too old for Santa, but once she was sitting next to him, she became quite chatty (in between her excited giggles).  Holly had been tentatively looking forward to the visit (there’s always a chance Santa might bring up some naughty behaviors which one would rather forget about), but was overcome with shyness and was barely able to squeak out one thing she might like for Christmas.  So unlike Holly!

Then we had the making of the sugar cookies.  Oy.  I love my girls and I love the cookies, but the two of them together…   It’s pretty chaotic rather than idyllic.  I want to love the moment, I truly do, yet by the time we finish, I’m a frazzled mess with a completely wrecked kitchen to clean up.  Not so fun for me, but the girls enjoyed themselves.  Maybe next year Mémé can bake sugar cookies with them.  🙂xmascookies02Xmascookies01

Each cookie decorator had his/her own style.  Rob:xmascookiesRob




A is for Art

Linlee’s report card has remained the same since she started special ed in public school at age three.  She gets “Ps”.  That means progressing.  I always look forward to parent/teacher conferences so that I can hear about the details of her program and her personal progress, but opening her actual report card that comes in the mail is hardly even necessary.  It will be a list of Ps.  Last month when I went through the routine of opening the report card, I just kept staring because it looked different; there was a strange letter A among her Ps.  It looked totally out of place.  And it was for the one, general ed class in which Linlee joins the “typical” kids; art.  I don’t care about Linlee’s grades as long as she is happy and is making progress, but I have to say, I am thrilled that she has found something to excel at and be acknowledged for.  Her art teacher told me that art class is Linlee’s happy place.  She also told me that a piece of Linlee’s art is hanging up at the district office.  (I’ve never been to the district office, but I need to find it now so that I can take a picture!)  Here are two drawings from her special ed class:a96de4bb925664220c6ef4f5  I think that must be the cutest Grinch I have ever seen!

I will try to get some pictures of Linlee’s art projects from art class to post on another day.  I also want to mention how thankful I am that art is still included in middle school curriculum.  Go Linlee!