Holly_May2017_1This one’s got it; fear of bugs.  I think butterflies are the only bug/insect/spider which she is not afraid of, but don’t get her started on moths because those are also terrifying.  Last night there was a gnat in Holly’s room.  A gnat, barely visible.  After I removed it, her blood-curdling screams stopped, however she sobbed for a full hour for good measure.  Oy.  I know there is no reasoning with a true phobia.  (People tell me that planes are safer to travel in than cars, yet I know that they are actually steal tubes of death.  No amount of facts will convince me otherwise.)  Holly will drag me across the street to the park to play and then we will need to leave a few minutes later because a fly zipped by, or a tiny spider was sitting on the monkey bars.  I’m not sure how to help her with this fear; bugs are a part of everyday life, especially in the spring and summer.  Poor thing.  Here she is last summer upset about seeing a spider outside.

Never ending food issues…

Linlee_May2017_2Linlee continues to eat a very limited diet.  I have come to terms with the fact that this will probably be her pattern for life.  She makes one or two peanut butter sandwiches each night rather than eating what I serve.  It is what it is.  Out of the blue, she has changed her diet some, but not necessarily in a good way.  Normally I absolutely cheer about any sort of change (since she’s been eating the same handful of foods for years now).  I think we’ve been making her a fried egg with two pieces of wheat toast and fruit for breakfast every morning since she was about five.  Two weeks ago, she casually said, “I will have cereal this morning.”  My jaw hit the floor.  Something different?  Really?  Okay!  She poured herself a small cup of dry Cheerios and called it good.  Hmm.  Over the last month, she’s stopped drinking milk for no particular reason.  That’s not the end of the world, except it was a healthy way to get some added calories into her (I give her whole milk).  She chooses pizza from the school cafeteria for lunch everyday.  And then at dinner time, she seems to finally have tired of the PB&J sandwiches as well.  She has switched to cheese & crackers.  I’m not really thrilled with the change.  Every once in a while is fine, but every night?  At least before she was eating one or two peanut butter sandwiches with wheat bread.  Now she has a cheese stick and four or five Ritz crackers, which offers her less nutritionally and calorically.  She will eat fruits and raw veggies (yay!), but overall, her daily diet is nothing close to what I would prefer; dry Cheerios, pizza, cheese & crackers.  Ugh.  I guess my concern is that Linlee’s already limited diet is becoming even less healthy.  I totally lost the food battles with her before.  I don’t know if I have it in me to try again.  However, I still have daydreams about the four us sitting down and eating one meal each night.  Like, imagine a family eating (gasp) spaghetti together…  Or roast chicken…  Or tacos…  Or salmon.  Yeah, not my world.  Darn autism.Linlee_May2017_1

A Little April Sunshine

April28_02Getting good at jump rope!April28_01April28_05April28_03April28_04No shortage of personality here.April28_06April28_07Linlee only joined us out back for a moment, so that’s why there are more pictures of one child than the other.

Holly’s Spider Spotter

Holly’s first grade class was given the assignment to create an invention which solves a problem.  Holly is terrified of spiders, so her idea was to invent something that alerts you if a spider is in the room.spiderspotter03spiderspotter02Here is her mock-up.  The box has an on/off switch.  The red dot is where the sensor would be.  The three circles are the speaker, which would make beeps any time a spider moved.  Upon hearing the beeps, you vacate the room and go find your daddy to take care of the problem.  Excellent invention!

Easter 2017

Easter2017_02This year has been a much nicer Easter than last year.  Last year the girls were too sick to care.  This year the girls had a brand new house in which to search for eggs (at six AM!), which was fun.  Their baskets included bubbles, a small toy, a little plush bunny, a chocolate bunny, smencils (smelly pencils) and a new spring dress.  For some reason, the girls brought extra plush bunnies to the event this morning.  (The Cinderella buckets were for collecting the hidden, candy-filled eggs.)Easter2017_03Easter2017_04Easter2017_06Holly spilled the majority of her bubble solution within 5 minutes.  Sigh.Easter2017_7

Then Super Dad Rob colored eggs with the girls.  He’s pretty awesome.Easter2017_08Easter2017_12Easter2017_09Easter2017_10Easter2017_11

Holly’s Mannequin Challenge

Holly must have discovered the “mannequin challenge” on Youtube.  That is where everyone freezes in action (like a mannequin) while being videoed.  She has been dying to give it a try.  We did our challenge around a game of Candyland during a visit from the grandparents.  (I forgot to remind everyone not to move their eyes, or giggle, or talk, Carolyn.)

Fourteen years!

engagementpictureRob and I are both recovering from colds, so I went with our engagement picture rather than one of us with red noses, chapped lips and watery eyes.  So, fourteen years, two kids, three dogs and he still wants to hold my hand when we watch TV at night.  Life is good.  Happy anniversary to us!

Candyland and a Pretty Tree

Candyland01Today the girls got out the Candyland game, set it up and began playing together – no adult around.  I was stunned and beyond thrilled.  Not only were they actually playing with each other (rare), they were doing it independently (unheard of!).  Oh my gosh, may we have many more moments like this one!

This is our first spring in the new house.  It’s so fun to see our trees begin to blossom in the yard.  This pretty white one is the first to bloom.  Can’t wait to see what’s next!whiteblossomstree

Hairdos and Japanese treats!

Linleehaircut10We’ve had to go even shorter with Linlee’s hair while she gets the hang of washing it herself.  Luckily she likes it.  She is pleased to look like Dora.crazyhair01And it was “crazy hair day” at school for this little pumpkin.crazyhair02

Uncle Joe and Aunt Connie sent us another box of surprises from Japan.  It was like Christmas after school today!Japanesetreats01Japanesetreats02Japanesetreats03Japanesetreats04Cute erasers!  I think Holly is more likely to play with them than use them.Japanesetreats05Play money.  Holly immediately wanted to play “Japanese store.”  Ha.Japanesetreats07Japanesetreats08I have no idea what these “donuts” and “pizzas” really are.  Are they pretend?  Are they edible?  Thankfully Connie sent me instructions in English, but I haven’t opened up the box yet to see what sort of “ingredients” we’ll be working with.Japanesetreats06Pretty nightlight.  I love it!Japanesetreats09And a game I don’t really recognize.  Hopefully Rob will know what it is.  (We sort of couldn’t wait to open his present without him.)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

StPatricksDay2017Holly was under the impression that a leprechaun would leave her a pile of chocolate coins – like an Irish Easter Bunny or something.  Ha!  Wearing green is about as festive as we get on this day.

yarnThis picture cracks me up.  Rob brought home yarn to “darn” a sweater.  What on earth?!  He and the girls also made pompoms.  Holly was totally into it.  Linlee, not so much.